Medical Genius Chapter 1093

 Protector Zuo's face became extremely embarrassed because, as he had already seen, the few companions he had, were no match for the companions on Lin Mo's side.

                In this short period of time, almost half of the parasites on his side had been bitten to death.

                While Lin Mo's side's parasites were unscathed, the difference was huge!

                After a moment of silence, Protector Zuo suddenly turned around and ran.

                Lin Mo sneered, "Can you run?"

                With an arrow step, he rushed in front of Protector Zuo and kicked him back.

                Protector Zuo fell to the ground, but took the opportunity to pull the silver needles off the top of Second Brother's head.

                "Kill him!"

                Protector Left roared.

                Second Senior Brother's face was terrified, he didn't even dare to strike and hurriedly crawled over to First Senior Brother's side.

                Lin Mo stood with his hands in the air and sneered, "With this level of skill, you still want to kill me? What insolence!"

                "I'll give you one more chance, say, why are you looking for her?"

                Protector Zuo gritted his teeth and grimaced, not saying a word.

                Lin Mo frowned and was about to make a move.

                At that moment, the big senior brother next to him took out a dagger from nowhere and actually stabbed it directly into Night Mimic's heart.

                After that, Senior Brother directly dropped Night Mimic's corpse to the ground and shouted, "Run!"

                He led Second Senior Brother to run ahead of him, and the Left Protector first froze, and then followed suit.

                Inside the house, Lin Mo originally planned to go after them.

                However, seeing Night Mimic's miserable appearance, he ended up being somewhat unbearable in his heart.

                If he went out to chase those three people, Night Mimi would definitely die!

                Senior Brother had also calculated this, and that was why he had used this method straight away.

                If Lin Mo saved Night Mimic, he wouldn't be able to chase after them, and they would be able to escape.

                Thinking for a moment, Lin Mo eventually stayed behind to help Night Mimic heal her injuries.

                Outside, Protector Zuo and Eldest Brother and Second Brother quickly escaped from the Hundred Fragrance Garden, and kept running in a panic for quite some time before they stopped to catch their breath.

                "I really didn't expect that this Lin Mo, his strength is really not simple!"

                "It seems that I have underestimated him!"

                The Left Protector gritted his teeth and said.

                The eldest senior brother, on the other hand, looked terrified, "Protector Zuo, then this Night Charm matter ......"

                The left protector gave him a look and said in a cold voice, "Night Phantom betrayed the division, colluded with Lin Mo, killed senior Wuer, and brought Lin Mo to sneak attack us, almost killing us as well!"

                "I will definitely report this matter to Lord Compass, so that Lord Compass can personally clean up the sect!"

                Eldest Brother and Second Brother were overjoyed, as long as Protector Zuo was willing to say so, nothing would happen to the two of them.

                Second senior brother said excitedly, "Protector Zuo, Lord Compulsion, when will it arrive in Guangyang City?"

                Protector Zuo: "It's almost here."

                "Hmph, when the Compulsion Lord himself arrives, what is this Lin Mo, what is it worth?"

                "When the time comes, I will make him beg for his life and beg for his death!"

                The two disciples of Wuer nodded their heads repeatedly, their faces full of excitement.

                The left protector suddenly said, "By the way, the Ding family's people, today, sent word that Lin Mo had found them."

                "I heard that when Wuer was in Guangyang City, he had united three families."

                "Now, isn't it time for the third family to make a move?"

                The two disciples of Ur looked at each other, and the eldest brother whispered, "Protector Zuo, to be honest, we ...... we don't know who the third family is, exactly!"

                The left protector was surprised: "How could this be?"

                The eldest brother had a helpless face, "This third family, doing things has been very mysterious."

                "This stronghold, the Hundred Fragrance Garden, they haven't come once, it's always been my master who has personally liaised with them."

                "With the death of my master, no one knows who this third family really is!"

                The left protector's face changed, "Then ...... this third family, won't it be an ornament?"

                "Then who else can we rely on in Guangyang City? The Ding family's group of trash?"