Medical Genius Chapter 1092

 Night Mimi was furious, she did not expect that her two senior brothers would backtrack on her.

                She hissed and cursed in anger, but these two senior brothers insisted that it was her who had betrayed the division.

                Protector Zuo's eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was judging these three men's words and who was right and who was wrong.

                Suddenly, he quickly shot out his hand and slapped Night Mimic on the shoulder.

                Night Mimi's body swayed, only to feel as if her entire body had lost all its strength, and she fell to the ground involuntarily.

                She couldn't help but be confused and said in shock, "Protector Zuo, you ...... what are you doing?"

                The two senior brothers were also bewildered, the left protector had directly struck out to restrain the night charm? What is this?

                The left protector sneered, "Night charm, what you said, full of holes, how can I believe you?"

                Night Mimic became anxious: "Where am I ...... full of loopholes?"

                "What I said is true, they are the ones who killed my master. ......"

                The left protector waved his hand impatiently, "Whether it is true or not, this protector will personally investigate it clearly."

                "You two, take her to the inner room, I will interrogate her personally!"

                The two senior brothers of Night Charm instantly understood, and a lecherous smile appeared on the corners of their mouths.

                "Yes, Protector Zuo, we will help you make the proper arrangements!"

                The eldest senior brother said with gusto.

                The second senior brother even came closer to Protector Zuo and whispered, "Although my senior sister cultivates the charm compulsion, she is still a real chick."

                "Protector Zuo, you have to be gentle with her!"

                Protector Zuo threw back his head and laughed, he had long coveted Night Mimic.

                It was just that he didn't dare to do anything to Night Mimic because she was protected by Ur in the past!

                Now that Wuer was dead, how could he miss such an opportunity?

                To him, it didn't matter who killed Ur, what mattered was how much profit he could get.

                Lin Mo, hiding in the shadows, saw this scene and couldn't help but frown.

                This Nightmist was really stupid, coming to seek revenge like this? This wasn't a death sentence!

                "You're lucky to have met me!"

                Lin Mo muttered as he stepped out from the shadows and suddenly rushed into the room.

                Before the three people inside the room could react, Lin Mo had already rushed in front of Second Senior Brother Nightmist.

                This second senior brother hurriedly tried to dodge, and the silver needle in Lin Mo's hand, had already pierced the top of his head, and the second senior brother directly collapsed to the ground.

                Next to the second senior brother was the left protector, who was much stronger than the second senior brother.

                The moment Lin Mo struck out, a poisonous wasp about the size of a quail's egg quickly flew out from his body.

                The poisonous wasp buzzed and flew towards Lin Mo, the poisonous stinger on its tail, black and shiny.

                Lin Mo flicked his finger and sent the poisonous wasp flying.

                The poisonous wasp was also considered strong, and after landing on the ground, it actually flew up again and rushed towards Lin Mo again.

                Taking this time, the left protector quickly retreated and several poisonous insects jumped out of his body at the same time, lunging at Lin Mo at the same time.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he took out the bottle that Ah Man had given him and released the poisonous insects inside.

                These poisonous insects, and those of the Left Protector, fought together and directly mixed up.

                When the Left Protector saw this scene, his face changed instantly, "Who are you?"

                Eldest Brother hurriedly said from behind, "Protector Left, he is that Lin Mo!"

                "Look, his compulsion is more powerful than even our Miaojiang's compulsion!"

                Protector Zuo's face turned fierce as he stared at Lin Mo with a deadly stare, "You know where she is?"

                "Hand her over immediately, and I can spare your life!"

                "Otherwise, I will make you regret living!"

                Lin Mo did not reply, but asked in return, "Why are you looking for her?"

                This statement was tantamount to acquiescence.

                The left protector's eyes flashed sharply as he exclaimed, "This is my Miaojiang's business, it has nothing to do with you!"

                "Hand her over and spare your life!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Just by you?"

                "Heh, you'd better think about how you're going to live first!"