Medical Genius Chapter 1091

 Late at night, Passion Garden.

                Lin Mo, dressed in all black, sneaks in quietly.

                The Hundred Fragrance Garden is a flower and bird market.

                And this kind of place was the best place to raise parasites.

                This place, there must be Miaojiang compulsion people lurking around!

                Entering the Hundred Fragrance Garden silently, Lin Mo did not rush to search around, but instead took out a small bottle from his body.

                Inside the small bottle was a flying insect that looked like a wasp.

                It was a non-poisonous compulsion insect that had little to no attacking power.

                However, it was extremely sensitive to compulsions and was able to detect compulsions within a hundred metres of its surroundings.

                After the flying insect came out, it first flew aimlessly around Lin Mo a few times before it seemed to have found something and flew directly towards the northwest corner of the Hundred Fragrance Garden.

                Lin Mo followed closely behind and arrived outside a compartment.

                The compartment was lit up inside, and through the door panel, Lin Mo vaguely saw that there were three people inside the room.

                Moreover, two of them, whom Lin Mo had seen before, were none other than Ur's two disciples.

                That day, in order to save these two people, Wuer had used his native compulsion to help them remove the silver needles.

                As a result, these two disciples returned the favour and killed Wuer and another disciple, taking away these two people's life compulsions and escaping.

                The fact that the two of them came here proves that the people in this house must be in cahoots with Ur and the others!

                "We feel sorry for Senior Ur's death."

                "However, this time, it also proves even more that the girl, for sure, is beside this person called Lin Mo."

                "If we capture Lin Mo, we will definitely be able to find this girl!"

                The innermost man said in a deep voice.

                Grand Disciple Wuer nodded, "Protector Zuo, this Lin Mo is not simple in strength and, moreover, has a special understanding of our Miaojiang compulsions."

                "It's not that easy for us to deal with him!"

                Protector Zuo sneered, "Hmph, a mere little man, what's so bad about dealing with him?"

                "Tomorrow, I will kill him myself to avenge senior Ur!"

                The two disciples of Ur looked at each other and lowered their heads and stopped speaking.

                Just then, Lin Mo suddenly noticed that there were tiny footsteps coming from the distance.

                He immediately hid.

                In the darkness, there was a slender woman walking over.

                Lin Mo took a closer look and saw that this woman was, in fact, the same Night Charm from before.

                As soon as she entered, she directly stared at her two senior brothers.

                Those two senior brothers, on the other hand, had paled greatly, they had not expected that Night Mimic had survived.

                They had to know that they had pierced Night Mimic's heart at that time!

                "You two, you still have the guts to come and meet the emissary of the Compassionate Emperor!?"

                "Today, I want you all to pay in blood!"

                Night Phantom let out a hiss, and with a fling of his hands, two pieces of yellow powder pounced on those two senior brothers.

                The two brothers quickly dodged and did not get half of it on them.

                Night Mimi still wanted to strike, but at that moment, the Left Protector stopped her.

                A lustful look flashed in the eyes of Protector Zuo as he stared straight at Night Mimi: "Miss Night Mimi, what is going on here?"

                "These two are your fellow disciples, why are you killing them?"

                With crimson eyes, Night Mimi told the story of these two brothers killing Ur.

                After hearing these words, several people in the room were shocked.

                Protector Zuo's eyes were shining as he stared at the two brothers, "Is what Miss Night Mimi said true?"

                The two senior brothers looked terrified, and the eldest brother took a deep breath and hurriedly said, "She ...... she lied!"

                "That day, it was actually her who defected to that Lin Mo and deliberately lured him over to try to deal with us."

                "In order to save us, Master used his native compulsion to help us unblock the blockade, and even passed his native compulsion to me."

                "Unexpectedly, this woman, who is so evil, is the first to sue."

                "Protector Zuo, you must not believe her, she is in cahoots with that Lin Mo!"