Medical Genius Chapter 1090

 Elder Ding waved his hand, "The most crucial issue now is not investigating who leaked the information."

                "The most crucial thing is how much Lin Mo knows!"

                "Does he know what we are really up to?"

                Ding Lianshun, the Ding family head, looked at each other, and both of them fell into silence.

                After a long time, Ding Lianshun said in a deep voice, "Dad, I think that Lin Mo should know some information."

                "Otherwise, he ...... wouldn't have alerted us about the Hundred Fragrance Garden ah ......"

                The Ding family head's face suddenly turned pale as he said in a trembling voice, "Really ...... true?"

                "Oh my god, if this news leaks out, then our Ding family will be finished ah."

                "At that time, I guess without Nanba Tian's hand, the Ten Great Families will have to destroy our Ding Family first!"

                Elder Ding's face also became extremely ugly, and he gritted his teeth as he fell into a dead silence.

                After a long time, Elder Ding slowly got up and sighed, "Tell Lin Mo that we will only sell him 30% of the shares in Tianhua Mall!"

                "Also, contact the group of companions as soon as possible."

                "If they still can't handle this matter, then we can't work with them anymore!"

                "We can't put our entire family on the line for that vain goal!"

                Ding Lianshun and the Ding family head looked at each other, and the two of them could only nod their heads reluctantly in agreement.


                While eating dinner, Lin Mo received a message from Ding Lianshun.

                When he learnt that the Ding family had agreed to sell 30% of their shares, he didn't feel much joy, instead he frowned.

                This was a complete verification of his suspicions.

                The Ding family and the Liu family, when they were working with Miaojiang, must have had something unseen.

                "This group of companions, what exactly are they up to?"

                "Miaojiang, what exactly is happening?"

                Lin Mo's heart was even more puzzled.

                After dinner, he sent Xu Hanxia back to Wangjiang Garden, while he himself went to Barbara's place.

                Ah Man was sitting barefoot in the living room, with a few little centipedes and spiders crawling around next to him, quite lively.

                These little guys, when they were around Barbara, looked harmless.

                But in fact, Lin Mo knew that these little things were all highly poisonous.

                Touching any of them could kill a person instantly!

                Barbara had now basically recovered completely, turning into a stunningly beautiful woman, her face not below Xu Hanxia Song Zhilan Nan Bing'er.

                When she saw Lin Mo, she immediately jumped up happily and came over to hug Lin Mo's arm, "Brother Lin, you're here!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and took out two bottles from his body.

                He opened the two bottles and two small centipedes jumped out from inside.

                As soon as these two little centipedes came out, they immediately crawled onto Barbara's wrist and were extremely intimate with her.

                Lin Mo: "Ah Man, find me a few more parasites, I have to go out and do something later!"

                Barbara immediately nodded as a slight whistle came out of her mouth.

                It didn't take long for a sparse sound to come from within the house.

                From under the sofa, under the bed, and in various corners, a number of various small animals crawled out.

                There were dozens of poisonous snakes, toads, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, rats and so on.

                When people saw this scene, they would have been scared to death.

                But when Barbara stood in the middle of these little creatures, she was still very intimate.

                Lin Mo picked out a few of them, and Barbara held them in her hands.

                She rubbed against Lin Mo's clothes and let these little ones sniff Lin Mo's scent.

                Then, she put these little guys into a few bottles and handed them to Lin Mo.

                In this way, these little guys, would see Lin Mo as their master and help him.

                During this period of time, the compulsions that Lin Mo used to deal with those people in Miaojiang were all given to him by Ah Man.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but feel that this innate skill of Ah Man was truly magical, no wonder the people of Miaojiang were looking for her!