Medical Genius Chapter 1087

 The general manager was confused.

                Ding Lianshun had a very high status in the Ding family and was the personal brother of the Ding family head, so it could be said that he was an absolute real power figure.

                The only reason he could be this general manager was because his sister had married Ding Lianshun.

                He later flaunted his power and prestige, all thanks to Ding Lianshun.

                However, a big shot like Ding Lianshun was so respectful to Lin Mo?

                What was this all about?

                Could it be that the waiter's son back then had grown up?

                He did not know that Lin Mo was now a big shot in Guangyang City.

                After the previous incident with the Zhou family and this time with the Liu family, Lin Mo had met the Ten Families head-on twice.

                Each time, it ended in Lin Mo's complete victory!

                Now, the Ten Families hated and feared Lin Mo at the same time.

                Even Ding Lianshun had to be polite when he saw Lin Mo.

                This was a demon, and the Ding family didn't dare to mess with him!

                Lin Mo glanced at the general manager: "Ask him yourself!"

                Ding Lianshun immediately took that general manager to one side and asked what had happened.

                The general manager faltered as he told the story, including what had happened to Lin Mo's mother, Du Xinlan, earlier.

                Although what he said was very vague, Ding Lianshun was not a fool and basically guessed what was going on.

                His face was suddenly cold as he cracked a few slaps on the general manager's face and cursed, "You piece of shit!"

                "Success is not enough!"

                "You ...... how can you do such a thing ah?"

                The general manager turned pale and said in a trembling voice, "Brother-in-law, I ...... was trying to maintain the reputation of the mall at that time!"

                Ding Lianshun was furious: "Defend you!"

                "How many times have I told you, do something, be righteous and not afraid of the shadow!"

                "If you're not wrong, you never need to worry about people finding you in trouble."

                "If you have done something wrong, then one day, you will have to pay for your mistakes!"

                The general manager's face was resigned: "Brother-in-law, he's just a waiter's son, why should we ...... we be afraid of him ......"

                Ding Lianshun's eyes widened, "A waiter's son?"

                "Do you know that this waiter's son you are talking about is now worth tens of billions!"

                "The Zhou and Liu families, among the top ten families, have both been trampled under his feet!"

                "Huang Yongfeng, the Southern Bastard, has even talked and laughed with him!"

                "Even the Huo Family, of the Top Ten Families in Guang Province, was defeated by him!"

                The general manager's eyes went wide: "This ...... how is this possible?"

                Ding Lianshun gritted his teeth and said, "Thirty years of river east and thirty years of river west!"

                "Don't bully the youth!"

                "Forget it, a punk like you will never understand these truths!"

                "Now, immediately, go over and kneel down, kowtow to Mr. Lin and apologize!"

                "If he forgives you, this matter will be resolved."

                "If he doesn't forgive you, you alone will bear all the losses of the mall!"

                The general manager now finally knew exactly what kind of existence he was facing.

                He immediately ran to Lin Mo and fell to his knees with a poof, pleading in a trembling voice, "Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, I know I'm wrong."

                "What happened before was wrong on my part, I apologise to you."

                "You are magnanimous, just ...... spare me ......"

                Lin Mo looked at him coldly, "I already gave you a chance just now, but you were unwilling to apologize!"

                "Now, it's too late to say everything!"

                The general manager almost pissed himself in fear: "Mr. Lin, I ...... I didn't know your identity before."

                "I have eyes that are not aware of Mt. Tai."

                "Just treat me like a fart and let me go, I ...... I really know I'm wrong ......"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "Really want to apologize?"

                The general manager nodded his head repeatedly.

                Lin Mo stood up, "Good!"

                "Then go down and personally apologize to my mother!"