Medical Genius Chapter 1085

 It didn't take long for the suited general manager, accompanied by a few security guards, to saunter over.

                It could be seen that after becoming the general manager, he had obviously become much more conceited.

                The waiter guided him over, and he only glanced at Lin Mo before his gaze was fixed directly on Xu Hanxia.

                "I heard that you have an old score to settle with me?"

                "Beauty, between the two of us, what old score is there?"

                The general manager's language was frivolous and carried a provocative meaning.

                Xu Hanxia's face was cold.

                Lin Mo: "You've got the wrong person."

                "It's me who wants to settle old scores with you!"

                The general manager then stared at Lin Mo: "You?"

                "Do I know you?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Do you still remember Du Xinlan?"

                General Manager: "Du Xinlan?"

                "Who is it?"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "It looks like you don't remember what you did anymore."

                He told what had happened before.

                The general manager's face changed instantly as he stared in awe, "I remember now!"

                "So, you guys are planning to come and help Du Xinlan take revenge?"

                "A waiter's son has grown up and wants to avenge his mother's death?"

                "Huh, interesting. Hey, kid, do you still think that I'm still the manager of this restaurant?"

                Lin Mo's expression was calm: "It doesn't matter if you're the manager of the restaurant or not!"

                "I just need to let you know that when you do something wrong, you have to admit it!"

                "If you make a mistake, you have to be punished!"

                The general manager threw back his head and laughed, "Hey, did you hear that? He wants to punish me!"

                The security guards around him immediately burst into uncontrollable laughter.

                One of the security guards shouted, "Kid, you've got a fucking brain, don't you?"

                "You dare to come to our mall and look for trouble with our general manager?"

                "Fuck, I'll kill you if you don't believe me!"

                Several other security guards also looked at Lin Mo intently.

                The general manager glanced at Lin Mo: "Kid, how dare you come here to seek revenge on me with this ability?"

                "Remember, you're just the son of a waiter, and you're only worthy of being a waiter in your life!"

                "Want to take revenge? Dream on!"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything either, he just raised his hand and looked at his watch.

                "It's almost time."

                "I'll give you one more chance, kneel down, say sorry, and I can let bygones be bygones for what happened before!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                The general manager shot up and cursed, "Fuck you, how dare you make me kneel?"

                "It's more like you kneel down for me!"

                "Give me a fight!"

                Several security guards surrounded him aggressively.

                Just then, there was a sudden bang from outside and a shriek from the restaurant.

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see a huge excavator's claw sticking in from the street-level window.

                The excavator's claw came in and stirred up the restaurant, making a mess of the exquisitely decorated restaurant.

                The diners were so frightened that they fled in fear.

                The waiters, too, were too frightened to approach.

                The general manager's face changed dramatically and he said urgently, "What's going on here ......?"

                "How did the excavator run here?"

                "Hurry over and stop it!"

                Several security guards rushed over, but, no one dared to go near the excavator's paws.

                The general manager was furious and cursed, "You fools!"

                "Go downstairs and stop the man driving the excavator!"

                These few security guards came back to their senses and hurriedly prepared to go downstairs.

                At that moment, a group of people rushed in at the entrance of the restaurant, and the man at the head was none other than Tiger.

                Before those security guards could rush out, they were all held down by Tiger's men.

                Tiger walked up to Lin Mo and said with a smile, "Brother Lin, sorry for the traffic jam, I was a bit slow in coming!"

                "How are you feeling? If you can't, I'll call another excavator over!"

                The general manager's face changed greatly, pointing at Lin Mo and said angrily, "Is ...... you the one who messed up?"

                "Are you crazy?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him and said in a cold voice: "This restaurant is not breathable, I'll have someone open a window, what's wrong with that?"

                "Didn't you say that? The guest is always right."

                "Do you think it's right for me to do this?"