Medical Genius Chapter 1081

 Uncle Dong couldn't help but come over to Xu Jiankong and whispered, "You guys ...... know He Lao?"

                Xu Jiankong was simply going crazy with joy now, he had a smug look on his face, "Then of course!"

                Uncle Dong was full of shock, they all knew the identity of He Lao.

                Even He Lao had come, so that meant that this house must be Lin Mo's!

                However, before He Lao could even enter the door, a sports car rushed into the courtyard again.

                Wearing a knee-length skirt, her hair scattered behind her, Song Zhilan, with the aura of a queen, stepped out of the car.

                Not many people knew her, but Xiao Yue could see it at a glance.

                "She ...... she is Song Zhilan?"

                Everyone was stunned, and Uncle Dong's face changed sharply, "Which Song Zhilan?"

                Xiaoyue: "Song Zhilan of the Yun Chuang Group!"

                "I ...... have had the pleasure of meeting her once before, how did she ...... come here ......"

                The crowd around them immediately exclaimed, "Oh my god, she's Song Zhilan?"

                "This is the number one richest woman in Guangyang City!"

                "So pretty, it must be Song Zhilan!"

                "What is she doing here?"

                Just as the crowd exclaimed, Song Zhilan took out two bottles of wine from her car and yelled before she even entered the door.

                "Hanxia, Hanxia, I've come to see you for a drink!"

                "You'll have to take care of my meal at noon!"

                The crowd looked at each other, Song Zhilan was talking to Xu Hanxia like this, how good must this relationship be?

                Xiao Yue was even more shocked, others didn't know Song Zhilan, but she knew her best.

                Even people from the Song family, one of the top ten families, did not see this side of Song Zhilan.

                Song Zhilan really considered Xu Hanxia to be her closest friend!

                But what was this all about?

                How could Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo know so many big names?

                Xu Hanxia greeted the crowd.

                Song Zhilan simply put her arm around her shoulders, as if they had been bosom friends for a long time.

                And at that moment, Xiao Yue also got a good look at the bottle of wine in her hand.

                "Romanee Conti!?"

                "These two bottles of wine are estimated to be in the millions!"

                Those people around were numb, this meal, it had to be over a million dollars?

                Lin Mo welcomed them into the living room, and at this moment, Xu Jiangong's friends were all a bit overwhelmed.

                Facing these bigwigs, they were all silent, not daring to say a word.

                After sitting for a while, Lin Mo got up and said, "Dad, mum, all the uncles and aunts have come here for a long time, let's eat here today."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was now simply too happy to be able to keep his mouth shut, this time today, he had really gotten his face back.

                "Dinner is not necessary."

                "There are some friends waiting outside, it's not very convenient to come here to eat."

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand and said.

                Lin Mo was surprised: "Why don't you come in?"

                Xu Jiangong was slightly embarrassed, "Uh, the security guard said that there were too many people coming in, and he was afraid of disturbing the owners here ......"

                Lin Mo immediately said, "It's alright, dad, I'll call the security side."

                "You let them come in and turn around, it's hard to come here, you have to recognize where the home is, right?"

                Xu Jiangong was overjoyed, "Is this ...... okay?"

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded his head, he was the most honorable owner in this place, he personally ordered it, there must be no problem.

                A phone call went through, and the security guards immediately let them go.

                The hundred or so people outside also entered Wangjiang Garden.

                These people had been stopped outside before, thinking that they would not be able to visit the Riverview Garden, and they were all very disappointed.

                They were disappointed, but they were thrilled that they had finally got in.

                When they found out that Lin Mo had arranged it, the crowd praised Lin Mo.

                An old friend even gave Xu Jiangong a thumbs up: "Old Xu, old Xu, you really have found a good son-in-law!"

                Xu Jiangong was so pleased with himself that he and Fang Hui looked at each other, both of them feeling very comfortable.

                When they looked at Lin Mo, the more they looked at him, the better they felt!