Medical Genius Chapter 1076

 Xu Jiangong took these twenty people and entered the Wangjiang Garden.

                Among them, both Uncle Dong and Xiao Yue were following.

                These two were always with a suspicious attitude, they wanted to find out if Xu Jiankong was lying.

                As for the others, once they entered this Wangjiang Garden, they were completely stunned by the environment inside.

                As the highest and top villa area in Guangyang City, the environment of Wangjiang Garden was like a dream.

                When people walked in it, they felt like they were walking in an imperial garden, and they were all exclaiming in amazement, while constantly praising Xu Jiangong for his skills.

                Xu Jiangong was extremely pleased with himself, this was exactly the result he wanted.

                But Uncle Dong and Xiao Yue were full of black lines.

                After walking for a while, Xiaoyue first suggested, "Uncle Xu, why don't you take us to see your house first?"

                Everyone looked at Xu Jiangong in unison.

                Xu Jiangong was prepared for this and nodded slowly, "Fine, let's go and have a look."

                "Oh yes, my house has not been renovated yet, it's a bit messy inside, please understand!"

                The crowd laughed, "Oh, Lao Xu, what's wrong with that? It's always like this in an unfurnished house."

                "Old Xu, of all our old friends in this crop, you're still the one with the skills!"

                "I never thought I'd be able to visit Wangjiang Garden in my lifetime. Old Xu, thanks to you!"

                "I've said for a long time that Old Xu is definitely not a piece of cake. Look, of all of us old brothers, Old Xu is still the most capable!"

                The crowd boasted, making Xu Jiangong so proud that he was about to float to the sky.

                He led the crowd to a villa that had been agreed upon beforehand.

                "Everyone, this is my family's set of houses."

                "Everyone take a tour."

                It was a relatively ordinary villa, of a very average standard inside Wangjiang Park.

                If you sell it in the market, it would only be tens of millions of dollars.

                Of course, the prerequisite was that you had to be qualified to buy it!

                The price of a house in Wangjiang Park is not crucial, the key is that you have to have the status to live in it.

                The house here, to sell or not to sell, must have the approval of Nanba Tian!

                And how many people, in Guangyang City, could get Nanba Tian's approval?

                Of course, this villa, although ordinary, was also much better than the one in the Shengshi Mansion that Lin Mo and the others were currently living in.

                Large gardens at the front and back, double indoor and outdoor pools.

                The viewing terrace, the terrace looking out over the river, made people's hearts happy just by seeing it.

                Seeing this house, the crowd's heads, they can't help but fantasise what it will be like when the house is renovated.

                The crowd even praised Xu Jiankong and were all full of sighs of admiration.

                Only Uncle Dong and Xiao Yue were full of disbelief.

                "I can't believe that this old thing, has bought a house in Wangjiang Garden?"

                "What a living hell!"

                Uncle Tung muttered in a low voice.

                Xiao Yue followed beside her, she frowned tightly and suddenly said, "Dad, this house, it's not decorated, so who knows if it's his?"

                Uncle Dong's eyes widened, "You mean, this house, it may not be his?"

                "He's pretending?"

                Uncle Dong immediately came to life and immediately went to poke Xu Jiankong.

                At this moment, Xiaoyue pulled him back and whispered, "Dad, don't rush, let me confirm first!"

                Xiao Yue ran to the side to contact her friend.

                On Xu Jiangong's side, with Fang Hui in tow, he was still boasting to the crowd, proud of himself.

                Fang Hui was also breathing a long sigh of relief, looking at this situation, this hurdle had finally passed.

                In her heart, she was more grateful to Huang Liang, who had helped them save face this time.

                Suddenly, Xiao Yue walked in from outside and said directly, "Uncle Xu, this house, when did you buy it?"

                Xu Jiangong froze for a moment, his face a little embarrassed, "Uh, the exact time, I forgot, a few months ago anyway."

                Hearing this, Xiao Yue laughed outright and wildly, "Uncle Xu, now that things have come to a head, you should stop lying!"

                "This house, it's not yours at all!"