Medical Genius Chapter 1075

 Seeing so many people looking at him with reverence, Xu Jiangong's heart was soothed.

                These were the friends they had grown up with, and they were all basically better off than Xu Jiankong.

                Especially after Xu Hanxia recruited Lin Mo to join her family and Xu Jiankong was expelled from the Xu family, he became the bottom of the pecking order among these friends.

                When these old friends met, they would talk about him as if he were a joke, and even in front of him, they would mock him in no uncertain terms.

                All these years, Xu Jiangong had been prejudiced against Lin Mo because he had suffered too much outside.

                Now, it was finally time for him to raise his eyebrows!

                Xu Jiangong walked over and exchanged pleasantries with these people, unable to hide the smugness on his face.

                "Alright, since everyone is here, let's go in!"

                Xu Jiangong waved his big hand and proudly walked over towards Wangjiang Garden.

                In the morning, he had already met the head of security here and greeted all those security guards here.

                So, it was definitely no problem to bring these people in.

                As a result, they had just run to the entrance of Wangjiang Garden when they were stopped by the security guards.

                Everyone looked straight at Xu Jiankong, and Uncle Dong even immediately said, "Old Xu, you're not bluffing, are you?"

                "Asking us to drag our families here early in the morning, what, playing a trick on us?"

                Xiao Yue's eyes also lit up, could it be that they were really bragging? If that was the case, then she could mock Xu Hanxia properly!

                Xu Jiangong was also embarrassed beyond belief, he hurriedly ran into the security room and found the head of security.

                "What's going on?"

                "Didn't we agree in advance?"

                "Why are we suddenly not allowed to enter?"

                The security captain was speechless, "Brother, I said I'd let you bring people over, but I didn't say you should bring so many people!"

                "This is Wangjiang Garden, not just any cat or dog can enter."

                "The owners living inside are some of the most powerful people in Guangyang."

                "Look outside, there are hundreds of people there, are you here to shop at the market?"

                "Going in in such a rowdy manner and disturbing the owners inside, how ...... am I going to explain to the leaders?"

                Xu Jiangong scratched his head, there were really a lot of people coming this time.

                He only had a dozen friends, but these dozen old friends, all brought their families to open their eyes, and the number of people was over the limit at once.

                "So how many people can we get in?" Xu Jiangong whispered.

                The security chief: "Ten people!"

                Xu Jiangong was anxious: "How can this work?"

                "I ...... have a dozen friends on my side!"

                "Who do I let in and who don't?"

                "Big brother, you ...... do me a favor and think of a way to get a few more in?"

                The security chief looked outside and frowned for a moment in thought, "Let's do this, twenty at most!"

                Xu Jiangong sighed, this was all he could do now.

                He had no choice but to go out, but his face immediately changed to one of smugness, "Everyone, sorry."

                "It's the weekend, the people in here, they're all resting now."

                "It's not quite right for us to go in there with so many people."

                "So, this time, we can only go in for twenty people, please understand!"

                The crowd looked at each other, and Xiao Yue sneered, "Uncle Xu, is there a mistake?"

                "I heard that the owners of Wangjiang Garden can bring in an unlimited number of people ah."

                "How come you can only bring in twenty people?"

                "Are you the owner of this place or not?"

                Xu Jiangong's heart was cold, but his face was still stiff: "How come I'm not?"

                "But this is a special situation today!"

                "All right, let's choose twenty people and go in with me, that's all."

                The crowd had no choice but to start picking.

                Everyone wanted to go in, and no one was willing to give up.

                The selection alone lasted for more than half an hour, and many families argued a lot before finally settling on twenty people.