Medical Genius Chapter 1074

 Xu Jiangong couldn't help but stare, "Huang Liang, do you ...... you know what's going on?"

                Huang Liang laughed: "Isn't it just about going to Wangjiang Garden?"

                "I have many friends over there, I will definitely help you do it beautifully."

                After speaking, Huang Liang told him his plan.

                After listening to it, Xu Jiangong was overjoyed and excitedly said, "Xiao Huang, really ...... can it really be done?"

                Huang Liang smiled and said, "Dad, I give you my word, absolutely no problem!"

                Xu Jiangong could not stop smiling: "Aigoo, great, great!"

                "If this is done well, who will dare to look down on me in the future, those old things!"

                Xu Dongxue took the opportunity to say, "Aiya, hubby, it's you who's thoughtful for mum and dad."

                "Lin Mo, it's completely different from you, he's so afraid of losing face that he won't even show up."

                Huang Liang smiled and said, "Xue'er, what kind of words do you call that?"

                "Helping your parents, what kind of shame is that?"

                "If we really let our parents lose face in front of those old friends, we are the ones who are not qualified as children and sons-in-law!"

                These words made Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui feel very comfortable.

                Both of them looked at Huang Liang again with a much kinder look.

                "Huang Liang, this child is really good!"

                Xu Jiangong sighed from the bottom of his heart.

                Xu Dongxue smiled and said, "Anyway, it's much better than some guys who eat soft rice!"

                Xu Jiangong did not say anything, this incident had caused him to have some disconnection in his heart towards Lin Mo.

                Fang Hui frowned slightly, "Xue'er, from now on you're not allowed to talk like that!"

                "Although Lin Mo didn't help your father this time, he has done a lot for the family before."

                Xu Dongxue bristled, resenting Lin Mo even more in her heart.

                Early the next morning, Huang Liang took Xu Jiangong Fang Hui with him to arrange this matter.

                He didn't even give his parents the chance to meet Xu Hanxia, lest he leak the matter.

                Xu Hanxia Lin Mo originally intended to ask what was going on, but as a result, they got up and didn't see their parents, so the two of them gave up.

                In Xu Hanxia's opinion, her parents were just suddenly trying to be evil, and she was too lazy to pay attention to that.

                After breakfast, Xu Hanxia did not go to the office, but went straight to Wangjiang Garden.

                She liked the new house so much that she couldn't wait to live in it every day.

                On the other hand, Huang Liang took Xu Jiangong with him and spent the morning tossing and turning, finally getting things done.

                For this matter, Huang Liang spent a lot of money to bribe the head of the security team.

                The security chief pointed out one of the unsold villas to them and asked them to pretend that it was theirs.

                At ten in the morning, Xu Jiangong's group of old friends arrived outside Wangjiang Garden on time.

                As soon as these people heard that they could visit Wangjiang Garden, they came earlier than one another, and they all brought their families with them.

                It was normal for one person to bring three or four people, and some even brought more than ten people, which was exactly like a sightseeing group.

                After all, this was Wangjiang Garden.

                There are so many people in Guangyang City, and those who can enter and exit this place are simply rare.

                Who would want to miss such an opportunity?

                Uncle Dong also came over early in the morning, and he brought his daughter Xiao Yue with him.

                Xiao Yue had a look of indignation on her face.

                She had known Xu Hanxia since she was a little girl, but since she was a little girl, she had never been better than Xu Hanxia in any way.

                Xiao Yue was also pretty, but when she stood with Xu Hanxia, she became too ordinary.

                She had always been resigned to this, and it was only when Xu Hanxia found a son-in-law that she was relieved, feeling that she had finally stepped down from Xu Hanxia.

                But now, the Xu family had even taken up residence in Wangjiang Garden, and it was too hard for her to accept.

                Therefore, she specifically followed her here today, just to identify whether the Xu family had really reached this height.

                If it was false, she would, this time, absolutely poke Xu Hanxia without mercy, and at the same time mock her fiercely.