Medical Genius Chapter 1068

 Liu Tianxiang was surprised: "What did you find?"

                Lin Mo handed his phone to him.

                The frequently visited locations in Liu Tianyou's phone map were opened, and some locations were shown on it.

                Liu Tianxiang looked at it carefully and didn't see anything.

                "Mr. Lin, what's wrong with these locations?"

                Liu Tianxiang said curiously.

                Lin Mo said softly, "Look carefully, on this, there is any place that Liu Tianyou doesn't usually go to, but has been going to more frequently recently!"

                Liu Tianxiang looked at it carefully and suddenly his eyes widened, "Huh, why does he keep going to the Hundred Fragrance Garden in the east city, lately?"

                The Liu family lived in the north of the city, and East City was one of the more run-down places in Guangyang City.

                Liu Tianyou, a man who was greedy for money and lust, might not even make a trip to East City once a year.

                As for the Hundred Fragrance Garden, which is actually a flower and plant market, Liu Tianyou wouldn't even get involved in these places.

                But this map locates that Liu Tianyou has been there several times in recent times.

                Liu Tianyou took a deep breath: "Mr. Lin, you mean that there is something wrong with this place?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Just one Liu family alone shouldn't be enough to directly lay hands on me!"

                "Behind this, there must be other families."

                "Or, the answer is hidden behind the Hundred Fragrance Garden."

                Fang Wude immediately said, "Mr. Lin, I'll send someone to the Hundred Fragrance Garden to investigate."

                Lin Mo nodded, "Just investigate in secret, don't alert the snake."

                Fang Wude nodded.

                After that, Lin Mo gave Liu Tianxiang another explanation and told him to start supplying renovation materials to his construction company.

                Now that Liu Tianxiang was in control of the Liu family, these things, there would be absolutely no problem.

                After sitting for a while, Lin Mo took his leave first.

                Fang Wu De and Liu Tian Xiang, too, quietly left the place separately.

                When Lin Mo returned to the hospital, He Qianxue was busy at the front.

                He dropped by the front ward to check on Fang Qian's condition.

                Just as he entered the ward, he saw Fang Qian's daughter Lin Lin.

                She was sitting by the bedside and was holding Fang Hui's hand, calling Third Aunt over and over again, being very affectionate.

                Seeing Lin Mo enter, Lin Lin immediately stood up and piled up a full smile: "Brother-in-law, you're here!"

                Lin Mo didn't have a good feeling towards her, and didn't bother to pay attention to her.

                After checking on Fang Qian's condition, Lin Mo left first.

                Lin Lin stood in place with an embarrassed face, but she didn't dare to say anything.

                After what happened earlier, she finally knew what the Xu family was really like now.

                Therefore, she immediately ran back to befriend Fang Hui, wanting to hitch a ride with the Xu family.

                Only, now even Fang Hui was ignoring her.

                This kind of person was really despicable!

                There was nothing to do in the morning, so Lin Mo went straight to Xu's Pharmaceuticals.

                Xu Hanxia was signing some documents in her office, and when she saw Lin Mo enter, a smile appeared on her face.

                "Wait a moment, I'll finish signing these documents and we'll go to dinner!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "There's no rush."

                "I have a surprise for you later."

                Xu Hanxia was surprised: "A surprise?"

                Lin Mo nodded: "That's right, a surprise."

                Xu Hanxia looked curious: "What kind of surprise?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "I won't tell you now."

                Xu Hanxia gave him a blank look, "You're so secretive, aren't you?"

                "I'd like to see how big a surprise it can be!"

                Although her mouth was muttering, her mind was no longer on those documents.

                Scribbling a few documents, Xu Hanxia immediately ran over, "Alright, now tell me, what's the surprise?"

                Lin Mo smiled faintly and pulled her outside while saying softly, "You'll know in a moment."

                Xu Hanxia pinched him, but still hugged Lin Mo's arm and walked outside with a happy face.

                This time, Lin Mo intended to take Xu Hanxia to Wangjiang Garden, to this home that truly belonged to him and Xu Hanxia!