Medical Genius Chapter 1065

 Xu Jiangong said awkwardly, "Hey, this ...... child is all spoiled by me."

                "Lin Mo, I'll say sorry to you for her."

                "I will definitely educate her properly in the future, she is too unruly!"

                Xu Jiangong had said this, so Lin Mo could only smile and pay no more attention.

                At this moment, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was staring straight at the bank card, which had three hundred million in it.

                Lin Mo slightly frowned, these two people, still want to play the idea of these three hundred million?

                After pondering for a moment, Lin Mo said softly, "Mom and Dad, this card, why don't we give it to you for safekeeping?"

                This was Lin Mo's intention to test them to see if these two people had really reformed.

                Xu Jiangong was overjoyed and reached out to take the card.

                Fang Hui's eyes also lit up, but, in the end, she stopped Xu Jiangong.

                "Forget it, we're both old, it's really not appropriate for us to manage so much money."

                "Lin Mo, this money, it's also the compensation that the Liu family gave you."

                "During this period of time, my family's little matter has caused you a lot of aggravation, this money should also be yours."

                "Besides, that construction company of yours, it definitely needs money. Your father and I, it's not like we can use much money, there's ...... no need ......"

                Fang Hui's tone trembled a little when she said these words.

                It could be seen that she really wanted the money. But, in the end, she made the right choice!

                Xu Hanxia was overjoyed, this was exactly the result she had always wanted ah, for her parents to at least have respect for Lin Mo!

                Lin Mo was also surprised in his heart, he didn't expect that, after all these things, Fang Hui had changed so much.

                As for Xu Jiangong, although he was also very reluctant, he eventually nodded and said, "Lin Mo, what your mother said is right!"

                "This money, keep it for yourself."

                "Do well, from now on, I'll leave the family's affairs to you and Hanxia!"

                Xu Hanxia's eyes were red with emotion as she nodded vigorously.

                Lin Mo was also touched as he nodded, "Mom and Dad, I will definitely not let you down!"

                "Oh, by the way, Hanxia. The money in this card, turn around and transfer another thirty million to mum and dad."

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand, "Aiya, no need to transfer, why do we both need so much money!"

                Lin Mo said with a straight face, "Mom and Dad, that pharmacy of yours has been doing well recently, so it's time to open a few branches."

                "This thirty million dollars is for you to open branches."

                "Also, deposit another ten million dollars on both mum and dad's cards."

                "Mom and Dad, take this money and buy whatever you want, spend it however you like."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was overjoyed, and the more he looked at Lin Mo, the more satisfied he felt.

                Fang Hui waved her hand and said, "It won't take as much as 10 million ......"

                Lin Mo laughed: "Mom, you're welcome."

                "It's not like our family doesn't have any money now, what's this 10 million?"

                "Alright, this matter is settled."

                Xu Hanxia also nodded, "Yes, mum and dad, this is a piece of Lin Mo's heart, so don't push back!"

                Only then did Xu Jiangong Fang Hui nod, and of course, the two of them were smiling from ear to ear.

                A handout of ten million dollars in pocket money? This was too generous!

                Fang Hui's eyes were moist, she nodded her head repeatedly and said in a trembling voice, "Good boy, good boy."

                "Lin Mo, I was ...... sorry for you before, I really regret it now, I feel very guilty ah."

                "You ...... are really much better than that Huang."

                Xu Jiangong laughed, "Aiya, you should not say these words."

                "This kid Lin Mo, there's really nothing to say!"

                "Hanxia, I now understand that letting you two get married was the best decision I've ever made in my life!"

                "All right, you two have a good life."

                "Whoever dares to say anything to you guys again in the future, I ...... will be the first to spare him!"

                Xu Hanxia was overjoyed, as far as she was concerned, nothing mattered, what with the 300 million in compensation.

                As long as her parents approved of Lin Mo, then it would all be worth it!