Medical Genius Chapter 1063

 Lin Mo nodded, "Dad, I'm really fine!"

                Xu Jiangong stared at Lin Mo for a moment before finally nodding, "Lin Mo, I believe in you!"

                "Alright, Hanxia, you don't need to cry either."

                "Lin Mo has come back, isn't that good!"

                "Come, come, come, come into the house, come into the house."

                When Xu Dongxue saw this, she immediately became anxious: "Dad, you ...... how come you still let him in?"

                "He's just running away, in a while the people from the ten families will find us, what can we do then?"

                "Do you want all of our family to be buried with him?"

                Xu Jian Gong glared at her indignantly, "If you're afraid, you can leave!"

                Xu Dongxue's face changed, Xu Jiangong was on Lin Mo's side, she had lost her backing!

                "Mom ......"

                Xu Dongxue looked at Fang Hui, while Fang Hui waved her hand, "Xue'er, can you please stop?"

                This time, things started because of Fang Hui's younger sister, Fang Qian.

                Fang Hui, on the other hand, had been taken away before, and it was Lin Mo who had saved her back.

                Therefore, Fang Hui was more than grateful to Lin Mo in her heart.

                Xu Dongxue was directly confused, her parents were not helping her, how else could she fold?

                As she watched Lin Mo enter the house, she stood at the door, neither leaving nor staying, embarrassed to the extreme.

                Suddenly, a group of people walked in from the courtyard outside the door.

                "Excuse me, Mr. Lin Mo Lin, does he live here?"

                The man at the head of the group asked.

                Xu Dongxue glanced at them, "Who are you?"

                The man smiled, "Oh, I'm from the Liu family, my name is Liu Tianyu ......"

                Just after hearing these words, Xu Dongxue immediately jumped up with excitement.

                "Dad! Mum! The Liu family is looking for us!"

                "I told you so, I told you so, this son of a bitch must have escaped out."

                "Look, the Liu family's men are coming after him, and now they're going to take him back!"

                "I told you not to let him into the house, but you guys didn't listen, now something's happened, right? I'll see what you do!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face changed, could this really be the case?

                Lin Mo was calm: "Let them in!"

                Xu Dongxue laughed loudly, "Lin Mo, of course people are going to come in!"

                "These are people from the Ten Great Families, what, you still dare not let people in?"

                "But let me advise you, you'd better tie your hands!"

                "This room is quite well furnished, don't break it, we'll have to live there again in the future!"

                Huang Liang smiled and nodded, as long as Lin Mo died, they would be able to live in completely and take everything in the Xu family in the future ah.

                Liu Tianyu several people heard Lin Mo's words and immediately walked in.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face was pale and his body was shivering a little.

                Huang Liang Xu Dongxue, on the other hand, was full of smugness, smiling so much that he couldn't even close his mouth.

                Just then, Liu Tianyu suddenly bent down and bowed, "Mr. Lin, sorry for the intrusion!"

                "Earlier, our Liu family said that we would give you three hundred million dollars in compensation for this incident!"

                "Just now, our acting family head, Liu Tianxiang, has already transferred the compensation money to this card!"

                "I came all the way over here to give you the card and say sorry by the way."

                "Originally, the family head should have come over personally for this matter."

                "But there was a situation in my house and he couldn't come over in person."

                "Please understand, Mr. Lin, for the offense!"

                With that, Liu Tianyu handed a bank card, held in both hands, to Lin Mo respectfully.

                All the people in the room were confused.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were sweating profusely, directly frozen in place.

                They were unable to react for a moment.

                What was this situation?

                The Liu family hadn't come to the door looking for trouble? Instead, they had come to apologise, to make compensation?

                What Lin Mo said was true, he was really fine?

                Not only was he fine, but the Liu family had even given him 300 million in compensation? Was it that much?

                Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang, on the other hand, were staring out of their eyes.

                What was going on here?