Medical Genius Chapter 1061

 Several other people from the other clans spoke up to show their support.

                Elder Liu's face turned ugly to the extreme as he said in a deep voice, "Hui'er is only the contemporary family head, there's nothing wrong with settling the matter at hand first, ah."

                Song Rize: "Oh, old master, the acting family head, represents the face of the entire family."

                "Liu Yanhui will also have to apologise to Lin Mo and apologise to the Xu family tomorrow in front of everyone in Guangyang City."

                "Do you want the entire Liu family to apologise to Lin Mo by making him the contemporary family head?"

                Elder Liu was furious as he gritted his teeth and said, "Family Head Song is really well thought out!"

                "Then how about this, let Hui'er's brother ......"

                Song Ruize interrupted him directly, "Liu Yanhui's two younger brothers, one is nineteen and the other is only eleven."

                "Let them be the head of the family, hehe, old man, do you think it's suitable yourself?"

                Elder Liu's eyes snapped wide and looked straight at Song Rize.

                Only now did he understand that Song Rize didn't just want to support someone to the top.

                The most crucial thing was that Song Rize, completely, was driving people from his lineage down.

                Both of his sons had died, Liu Tianzuo's son could not be the head of the family, and Liu Tianyou's son, that was even more so.

                In that case, who else in the Liu family could be the head of the family?

                With a new head of the family, the power of the Liu family would have to be transferred.

                Elder Liu's face was grim as he said angrily, "Master Song, then who would you say is more suitable to be the acting head of my Liu family?"

                Song Ruize smiled, "I think, Brother Tianxiang would be more suitable!"

                With this statement, it immediately led to several other family heads speaking up in support.

                Tonight, Liu Tianxiang had performed exceptionally brightly, with commitment and courage.

                He had also personally saved Elder Liu and solved the family's crisis.

                In fact, even many people from the Liu family looked at Liu Tianxiang.

                They all felt that Liu Tianxiang was the most suitable to be the head of the family!

                Elder Liu's face, however, was gloomy to the extreme, Song Ruize and the others were trying to support Liu Tianxiang, ah.

                However, looking at the expressions of the family members, he knew that he was unable to oppose this matter.

                Liu Tianxiang had already gained the hearts and minds of the Liu family members after he had achieved such a feat tonight!

                If he opposed it now, not only would the nine great clans put pressure on him, even the people of the Liu family would not be convinced of him.

                Although he was reluctant to the extreme in his heart, he eventually nodded his head, "The Song Clan Master's proposal is good."

                "Tianxiang, you will be the contemporary family head first, I wonder what you think?"

                Liu Tianxiang hurriedly said, "Old Master, Tianxiang is terrified, I am afraid that he would not be able to take on such a big responsibility!"

                Elder Liu pretended to persuade him, and finally, Liu Tianxiang agreed to become the current family head.

                In this way, all the ten families were happy, and the other nine families left.

                After sending the nine families away, Elder Liu's face turned chilly to the extreme.

                He did not even look at Liu Tianxiang and went straight back to the small building where he lived.

                Just after he returned, he called over a few of his inner circle to discuss this matter with them.

                Elder Liu, was definitely not willing to let Liu Tianxiang be the head of the family, he still wanted to let his own lineage continue to control everything in the family.

                Therefore, he was going to ask these few beloved members to think of a way to oust Liu Tianxiang from the position of the family head.

                It would be best if they could simply kill Liu Tianxiang and get rid of him once and for all, so that no more trouble would arise!

                However, their deliberations had not yet come to fruition when Elder Liu suddenly passed out.

                The Liu family immediately sends him to the hospital, where he dies after an ineffective rescue attempt.

                At that time, Liu Tianxiang had just become the acting head of the family.

                With the death of Master Liu, there was no one left to suppress Liu Tianxiang.

                The Liu family, the lineage of Old Master Liu, had completely withdrawn from the core of power.

                Liu Tianxiang was finally in control of the Liu family!