Medical Genius Chapter 1060

 In the end, Elder Liu, had to severely reprimand Liu Yanhui and take out a large amount of compensation to give Lin Mo an answer.

                After settling these matters, Lin Mo left together with Nanba Tian.

                In the middle of the Liu family compound, it was a mess, and the people of the ten great families still remained here.

                The Wang family head had an annoyed face as he slammed the table, "This is too arrogant!"

                "This is too much to put our Ten Great Families in the eye!"

                A few family lords nodded along, today's incident had indeed made them hold their anger.

                Song Ruize waved his hand, "It's just a villain's ambition, why should you guys care?"

                "Alright, the most crucial thing now is still the matter of the Liu family."

                "Elder Liu, we are also saddened by what has happened to the Liu family."

                "But I hope that you are still able to elect a new family head as soon as possible."

                "Lin Mo is pressing forward step by step, it looks like he has designs on our ten families, we can't just sit back and wait for death."

                "Electing a new family head as soon as possible is the right thing to do!"

                When Song Ruize's words came out, the people from the other clans couldn't help but be taken aback.

                Although the ten great clans were in an alliance, whether they chose a family head or not was after all their family matter.

                It was unprecedented for Song Rize to meddle in someone else's family affairs, what exactly did he mean?

                Elder Liu was badly injured and was now almost on the verge of fainting.

                He had originally planned to go back and rest, but it was at this time that Song Rize brought up the matter of choosing a new family head.

                He glanced at Song Rize, who was also smiling as he quietly locked eyes with him.

                Elder Liu's face changed, he knew that Song Rize was really going to interfere in the matter of choosing the head of the Liu family.

                Everyone had selfish thoughts in their hearts, and Song Rize was definitely not really thinking of the Liu family.

                If he was so involved in the affairs of the Liu family, then there was only one purpose: he had a suitable candidate in mind, and he wanted to help this person ascend to the position of family head. After that, this person would also be grateful to him and return the favour.

                To put it bluntly, Song Rize, was trying to take this opportunity to gain some benefits from the Liu family.

                Elder Liu reluctantly took a breath and said in a low voice, "The matter of the new family head needs to ...... require everyone in the Liu family to get together and think long and hard about it."

                Song Ruize laughed lightly, "That's what the words say, but this time it's not a small matter."

                "When Lin Mo left, he said that he wanted the Liu family to immediately settle the matters that should be dealt with."

                "Even if we don't choose a new family head now, then we must at least find a substitute family head to settle these matters."

                "This is the promise that our ten clans gave to Lin Mo, if we fail to do so, wouldn't that be a disgrace to the ten clans?"

                Those from the other clans had now guessed what Song Rize had in mind, and spoke up to express their agreement.

                The ten great families, each with their own agenda, said that they were in an alliance, but in reality, they all wanted to make the other families weaker, so that they could gain more benefits for themselves.

                Elder Liu was furious to the extreme, it was the falling of the well by these nine families that was most hateful!

                He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Thank you all for your reminders."

                "Since it happened so suddenly and we are too late to discuss this matter, then we will follow the custom of the ten great families and the eldest son will succeed the throne."

                "Hui'er, your father was the previous family head, and as his eldest son, you will be the acting family head!"

                Liu Yanhui couldn't help but be pleased, of course he wanted to be the family head too.

                However, Song Rize waved his hand, "Elder Liu, I think, Liu Yanhui is not suitable to be the acting family head."

                "What happened last night was too much."

                "Although there was a reason for the incident, as a family head, one should have the style of a great general, not the kind of reckless man who only shows off his courage!"

                "Such a person as a contemporary family head will only drag down the Liu family and the entire Ten Great Families, won't it?"