Medical Genius Chapter 1057

 Lin Mo let out a big laugh, "I was worried that you had forgotten all this!"

                "Since you're all talking about it, then let's settle the score."

                The crowd were all taken aback, these were things that Lin Mo could still refute?

                "Let's start with the matter of Liu Lin!"

                "He is Liu Tianzuo's illegitimate son, so does he count as a member of the Ten Great Families or not?"

                "I wish to receive an answer!"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice.

                The crowd looked at each other, this question was, indeed, somewhat awkward.

                Liu Yanhui's face was blue.

                In the past, he did not acknowledge this Liu Lin at all, and even felt that this was a humiliation.

                However, things had come to this point today, and he still had to admit it.

                "He has the blood of my Liu family flowing in him, so of course he is a member of my Liu family!"

                Liu Yanhui exclaimed.


                Lin Mo clapped his hands and laughed, "Since you've admitted it, then let's settle this Liu Lin's account!"

                "Let's start with why I'm looking for trouble with him."

                "Liu Lin sent people, attacked me and my wife on the road, tried to kidnap my wife Xu Hanxia with the intention of insulting my wife!"

                "This matter, I'll ask you all whether I should look for trouble with him or not!"

                Liu Yanhui's face instantly became embarrassed.

                Liu Lin was horny and had done many similar things before, and they had all turned a blind eye to it.

                This time, to mess with Lin Mo, this was really asking for death.

                Liu Yanhui gritted his teeth, "He only intended to kidnap, but the man wasn't caught and he didn't insult."

                "You can teach him a lesson, but what do you mean by killing him?"

                Lin Mo: "That's right, I was teaching him a lesson."

                "But, he resisted!"

                "Not only did he resist, he also tried to kill me."

                "That's right, you guys should know about it."

                "There used to be a girl who was insulted by Liu Lin and her boyfriend went to look for him, only to have him thrown down from the stairs."

                "Later, the boy's mother went to Liu Lin and was also thrown down the stairs by Liu Lin."

                "I was worried that he would throw me down, so, I defended myself."

                "In the process of defending, he accidentally fell down the stairs, can you blame me for that?"

                The crowd around was instantly embarrassed, and Liu Yanhui said indignantly, "You ...... are forcing your case!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Strong words?"

                "Hehe, how many scandalous things Liu Lin has done, do you need me to tell you one by one?"

                "Song Ruize, you say? Do I need to tell you?"

                Song Rize was furious: "What's that got to do with me?"

                "Lin Mo, watch your mouth, don't throw dirty water on me!"

                Nanba Tian shot up, "How can you call that throwing dirty water?"

                "Liu Lin is a member of the Ten Great Families, and just now Liu Yanhui admitted it!"

                "Since that's the case, then shouldn't the Ten Great Families take the blame for those things he did that hurt Heaven and Earth?"

                Song Rize opened his mouth wide and was directly unable to refute.

                He finally understood why Lin Mo had just pressed the Liu Family first to ask if they would admit Liu Lin's identity.

                Lin Mo, was trying to drag the Ten Great Families into this!

                After a moment of silence, Song Ruize said in a deep voice, "Liu Lin is just an illegitimate son, what kind of member of the Ten Great Families is he?"

                "This matter, my Ten Great Families do not acknowledge it!"

                With a single sentence, he directly set aside his relationship with Liu Lin.

                Nanba Tian laughed coldly, "If you don't admit it, then what qualifications do you, the Ten Great Families, have to question Liu Lin about this matter?"

                Song Ruize: "I ...... I ......"

                Nanba Tian said in a cold voice: "Now, you are given two choices!"

                "First, admit that Liu Lin is a member of the Ten Families, then you will have to bear the burden of those sins that Liu Lin did before!"

                "Second, do not admit him, then you will have to apologize to Mr. Lin. Because, in this matter, not involving the Ten Great Families, you are not qualified to question him!"

                Song Rize was dumbfounded, he didn't think that his casual remark would cause such a big deal.

                The Ten Great Families were definitely not willing to bear the burden of the evil committed by Liu Lin, but, to make him apologise to Lin Mo, he was even more unwilling!