Medical Genius Chapter 1056

 These words immediately drew the goodwill of many people in the Liu family.

                The old man of the Liu family was, after all, highly respected.

                Although such a thing happened to the Liu family, the people of the Liu family, still cared for the old man ah.

                Liu Tianyou, on the other hand, brandished his dagger, "What's to stop the bleeding?"

                "You guys don't want to come near me, whoever dares to come over, I will kill him!"

                Liu Tianxiang said in a deep voice, "We won't come near you, we'll throw some gauze over and you can bandage him first."

                "Liu Tianyou, this is your father after all!"

                "Can you bear to watch him keep bleeding like this?"

                Liu Tianyou looked at the old man, but in the end, he was still a bit intolerant.

                "Fine, you guys throw the gauze over here."

                "Listen carefully, whoever dares to come over, I will kill him!"

                Liu Tianyou yelled.

                Liu Tianxiang hurriedly waved his hand and sent someone to get the gauze over.

                He stood six or seven metres away from Liu Tianyou and threw the gauze over as Liu Tianyou had instructed.

                Liu Tianyou immediately reached out to catch it, but at that moment, Lin Mo flicked his finger and a small stone flew out rapidly, smashing right into the bend of Elder Liu's leg.

                Master Liu let out a low cry and his body involuntarily bent.

                Liu Tianyou's face suddenly changed and his hands and feet were busy trying to grab Elder Liu.

                Liu Tianxiang, who had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, rushed forward and grabbed the dagger that was stabbing down.

                The dagger cut Liu Tianxiang's hand until it was dripping with blood, but Liu Tianxiang did not let go of his hand, instead he desperately held onto Liu Tianyou so that he could not kill Elder Liu.

                The crowd around was stunned, and Nanba Tian slapped the table, "Xiao Ke, go help!"

                "What the hell ten big families, still watching the fun?"

                Only then did the people of the Ten Great Families react, but Xiao Ke had already led his men over and subdued Liu Tianyou.

                Elder Liu, crawled back in a mess, shivering with fear as if he had crawled back from a ghostly gate.

                Xiao Ke held Liu Tianyou down and broke both of his legs entirely. Liu Tianyou was completely incapacitated and lay on the ground wailing.

                Liu Tianxiang climbed up, his four fingers almost severed, blood gushing out continuously.

                This time, the Liu family looked at him with even more admiration.

                Only then did the rest of the Ten Great Families rush up.

                Song Ruize kicked Liu Tianyou a few times and cursed him fiercely to vent his anger.

                The chaos on the scene lasted for a few moments before calm finally returned.

                Elder Liu's wounds were bandaged and he sat down again, but looked as if he had aged by more than ten years.

                "I'm really sorry that such a thing happened today, I've made everyone laugh."

                "Since it has been proven that Tianzuo was not killed by Lin Mo, then this is the end of today's public trial."

                "Gentlemen, when I'm done with the family's affairs, I'll come back to the door and apologise one by one!"

                Elder Liu sighed in a low voice.

                The people from the ten great families expressed their understanding and prepared to get up and leave.

                At this moment, however, Lin Mo suddenly stood up, "Wait a moment."

                "Everyone, this matter, is it just over?"

                "Don't you all need to give me an explanation?"

                The Ten Great Families looked at each other in disbelief, and Song Rize said in a deep voice, "You've already been proven innocent, what more do you want to say?"

                Lin Mo smiled coldly, "Is this what you have proven?"

                "This is what I proved myself!"

                "I didn't kill the man, you called me here for no reason, and you had to break my legs and make me kneel here."

                "Don't you need to give me an explanation for these things?"

                Liu Yanhui couldn't help himself and said indignantly, "Lin Mo, don't go too far!"

                "That's right, it's true that you didn't kill my father."

                "But, after all, it was you who injured him, how can we settle this score?"

                "Also, Liu Lin was pushed down the stairs by your men and fell to his death, can you deny this matter?"

                "If we really want to settle these scores, what do you say?"

                Song Ruize gave a cold laugh, Liu Yanhui's words directly helped him find an excuse.

                "Yes, Lin Mo, how will these accounts be settled?"