Medical Genius Chapter 1054

 Song Rize did not dare to speak, and the others were even more afraid to speak.

                The scene, for a while, fell into a dead silence.

                Nanba Tian glanced at the crowd with dissatisfaction, "What, are they all starting to play dead?"

                "Wasn't it just now that they were yelling that they wanted to break Lin Mo's legs?"

                "Now, the man wasn't killed by Lin Mo, so you guys are silent?"

                "This is the rule of the Ten Great Families?"

                The faces of the crowd were embarrassed to the extreme, and all of them looked at Song Rize.

                After all, he was considered the leader of the Ten Great Families.

                Song Rize was embarrassed to the extreme as he took a deep breath and said indignantly, "Liu Tianyou, this matter, how do you explain it?"

                Liu Tianyou hurriedly said, "False, this is all false."

                "Song family master, how can you believe these things?"

                "These are people that I have never even seen."

                "This must be Lin Mo finding someone who looks like me, pretending to be me, taking this video, and deliberately lying to people ah."

                Lin Mo sneered, "Really?"

                "Then how do you explain the bottle of medicine you took back last night, it was the bottle of medicine that saved your family's life."

                "Also, how do you explain that you drove to this house on the outskirts of the city last night."

                "From your house, to this house on the outskirts of town, there was surveillance all the way."

                "Surveillance video, we've got it all, why don't we take a look at this surveillance video again?"

                Liu Tianyou's face instantly turned miserable white, his head full of cold sweat.

                This time, he no longer had any excuse to retort.

                Lin Mo: "By the way, I have another video here."

                "This video, is a video of my wife's cousin, Wu Fei Fei, meeting with Liu Tianzuo's driver, Wang Lin, last night."

                "Wang Lin was bribed by Liu Tianyou and gave Wu Fei Fei five million to lure my mother-in-law out."

                "Liu Tianyou sent someone to capture my mother-in-law and planted the evidence on Liu Yanhui."

                "Hehe, we are all smart people, what he really wants, everyone should know very well in their hearts!"

                This time, even the people of the Liu family coaxed up.

                Everyone was not stupid, they could already see that Liu Tianyou had deliberately captured Fang Hui just to get Lin Mo to fight for his life with Liu Yanhui.

                In order to become the head of the family, he had not only killed Liu Tianzuo, he also wanted to kill Liu Yanhui and eliminate all obstacles.

                The darkness of this man's mind and the ruthlessness of his methods were simply outrageous!

                At this moment, Liu Yanhui, who was standing in the crowd, finally couldn't hold back any longer and roared, "Liu Tianyou, give my father back his life!"

                The other members of the Liu family, too, were all furious.

                The old man of the Liu family, too, looked at him with hatred, "Tian You ah, you ...... how could you do such a thing?"

                "That is your own elder brother, your own nephew, how ...... can you harm them ah?"

                Liu Tianyou was forced backwards by the crowd, sweating profusely and in a wretched state.

                At this point in time, he knew that he was definitely doomed.

                Suddenly, he took a violent step back and rushed straight to the Liu family's old man.

                Holding the old man's neck in one hand, he aimed a dagger at his neck and shouted, "Don't even come near!"

                The crowd was stunned, this was something that no one had expected.

                Who would have thought that Liu Tianyou, would take his own father as a hostage!

                Elder Liu was so angry that his body was shivering and he said in a trembling voice, "Liu Tianyou, you unfilial son, you ...... how could you do this?"

                "You let go of me, you let go of me!"

                The old man struggled desperately, seeing the crowd around him gathered around, Liu Tianyou gritted his teeth and stimulated the dagger to his skin.

                "Don't even come over!"

                "Whoever rushes over, I'll kill him!"

                The crowd hurriedly stood still, this Liu Tianyou had become red-eyed, he dared to really lay a knife at his own father ah!

                Elder Liu was also too frightened to fold his arms and said in a trembling voice, "Tianyou, what are you ...... you doing?"

                "I am your father ah!"