Medical Genius Chapter 1053

 After Song Rize finished speaking, many of the family heads of the families yelled along with him.

                The evidence, before coming, they had all seen it.

                In the hearts of the crowd, they had already decided that the person was killed by Lin Mo, and that the evidence was overwhelming.

                Nanba Tian's expression was calm, as if he didn't even put the crowd in his eyes.

                After a while, Song Rize waved his hand, signalling for the crowd to stop.

                "Master Tian, should I show you the evidence?"

                Song Ruize asked with a cold smile.

                Nanba Tian waved his hand, "No need."

                "I'm too lazy to look at these worthless things."

                Song Ruize's face changed, "Master Tian, what do you mean by that?"

                "The video of the beating, the autopsy report, this is all solid evidence."

                "You think these are meaningless, so you are determined to protect Lin Mo?"

                "Hmph, do you really think that my top ten families, are such a wimp that they can be bullied and insulted at will?"

                Song Ruize said, and directly slapped the table.

                The people from the Ten Great Families all looked at Nan Batian intently as well, looking at that stance as if they wanted to fight with Nan Batian to the death.

                Nanba Tian laughed disdainfully, "Only you fools would believe in these so-called evidences."

                "Mr. Lin, there's no need to talk nonsense to this group of idiots, just tell them straight away."

                Lin Mo nodded as he pulled out a flash drive from his body, "Want to know how Liu Tianzuo actually died?"

                "Take a look at this video, and you will understand!"

                The crowd were all stunned, what was this? Lin Mo had taken out another video?

                Last time, with Zhou Ze's affair, Lin Mo had taken a video to prove that Huo Xingxuan was the murderer.

                This time, with Liu Tianzuo's matter, could it still be reversed?

                The crowd looked at Liu Tianyou.

                Liu Tianyou was also at a loss.

                At this moment, Nanba Tian's people had already connected the flash drive to the television.

                On the huge TV screen, the image of Liu Tianyou going to look for a few people from Miaojiang appeared last night.

                Lin Mo had left a mobile phone behind at the time and had filmed the whole process, including their conversation.

                When he saw this image, Liu Tianyou's face changed instantly.

                He had always thought that the matter of these people from Miaojiang was a secret.

                Who would have thought that these things would be known by Lin Mo in advance.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that Lin Mo had even taken this video.

                Listening to the conversation in it, Liu Tianyou only felt his hands and feet go cold.

                He knew that what he had done would not be able to be covered up.

                He quietly took a few steps back, ready to slip away when the crowd wasn't paying attention.

                However, he had just taken two steps when several of Nanba Tian's men blocked behind him, making it impossible for him to escape.

                The crowd was still watching the video, and after hearing what Liu Tianyou said, there was an uproar.

                Even the Liu family crowd was in an uproar, they were all shocked by the situation.

                Who would have thought that the person who killed Liu Tianzuo was his own brother, Liu Tianyou?

                Nanba Tian glanced obliquely at Song Ruize: "Song, now, do you still dare to say that it was Lin Mo who killed Liu Tianzuo?"

                Song Ruize's face was pale, he had never dreamed that such a reversal would happen.

                This time, he originally thought that the evidence was conclusive, but who would have thought that something like this would happen?

                After a moment of silence, Song Rize suddenly said, "How did this ...... video come about?"

                Nan Batian directly shot up: "Song Rize, are you trying to say that this video is a fake?"

                "Heh, today, Nan will bet with you with his life."

                "You take this video to be authenticated!"

                "If the video is real, I want your entire Song family to die!"

                "If the video is fake, I will let you do with my life, how about that?"

                Song Ruize was startled, if Nan Batian was talking like this, then he was obviously very sure of himself.

                He originally just wanted to excuse that there was something wrong with the video and muddle this matter through.

                However, now, he really didn't dare to say a word.