Medical Genius Chapter 1052

 Lin Mo glanced at the Song family head, he knew that this Song family head was simply targeting him.

                Because of Song Zhilan's affair, the Song family's people, had always felt that Lin Mo had thoughts about Song Zhilan.

                And since the Song family's people couldn't control Song Zhilan, they could only hold a grudge against Lin Mo.

                This time, the Song family felt that they had caught a break, which was why they had started dealing with Lin Mo straight away.

                "Whether the Ten Great Families have anyone, I don't know."

                "But if everyone in the Ten Great Families is as stupid as you are, then my trip today would really be a waste of time!"

                Lin Mo said slowly.

                The Song Family Master was furious, Lin Mo was simply insulting him!

                "How dare you!"

                "You killed the head of the Liu family, my ten clans are putting you on public trial, and you still dare to be so reckless, you are simply bullying people!"

                "Someone, first break both of his legs and make him kneel and talk!"

                The Song family head bellowed angrily.

                Immediately, several people rushed over next to him, these were all experts of the Song Family.

                They knew that Lin Mo was not weak, so the ones they sent out, were also strong.

                As for the other clans, seeing such a situation, a few of them also sent people to stand out and surrounded Lin Mo in the middle.

                When Liu Tianyou saw such a situation, his heart simply burst into laughter.

                This was exactly the result he wanted, by killing Lin Mo through the hands of the ten clans, he would be avenging Liu Tianzuo's death.

                In this way, he would be able to ascend to the throne of the Liu Family without any problems!

                Lin Mo laughed disdainfully, drawing even more anger from the crowd.


                The Wang family head roared angrily, as if a fuse, and these people, immediately rushed towards Lin Mo.

                Just then, a thick voice suddenly came from the doorway, "Xiao Ke, watch closely!"

                "Whoever makes a move towards Mr. Lin, kill him!"

                The faces of all the people changed and they turned their heads to look, only to see Nanba Tian walking proudly with a group of people.

                Xiao Ke, the crony who followed him, immediately rushed in with a group of men, eyeing those experts from the Ten Great Families intently.

                Seeing such a situation, the Song Family Master's face changed.

                Nanba Tian would actually come here personally?

                This was something they hadn't expected!

                In their minds, Lin Mo had killed Liu Tianzuo, the evidence was overwhelming, and Nan Baitian couldn't say anything.

                What did he mean by coming over now? Was he planning to forcibly shelter Lin Mo despite reason?

                The Song family head took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "I didn't expect that today's incident had even alerted the Heavenly Master!"

                "Master Tian, you once said that you would not break the rules of my Ten Great Families."

                "Can you also go back on what you said yourself?"

                Nanba Tian walked straight to the courtyard and sat down, saying in a cold voice, "Song Ruize, I, Nanba Tian, never go back on what I have said!"

                Song Ruize, the very name of the Song Family's head of family.

                Song Rize frowned, how many years had it been since anyone had called him by his name like that?

                However, the other party was Nanba Tian, so he could only endure the anger.

                "In that case, what does this mean for you now?"

                Song Ruize said in a deep voice.

                Nanba Tian: "Mr. Lin is my friend."

                "You guys want to put him on public trial, no problem!"

                "But, if you want to force a confession by severe torture and bend the rules, hehe, then you'll have to ask me, Nanba Tian, first!"

                The crowd of the ten great clans was in a bit of an uproar.

                Song Ruize said in a deep voice, "Master Tian, no one has tortured him to extract a confession and beaten him into submission!"

                "He killed Liu Tianzuo's father and son, the evidence is overwhelming."

                "This has violated the rules of the Ten Great Families, our Ten Great Families want to seek revenge on him, is there anything wrong with that?"

                Nanba Tian glanced at him, "He killed Liu Tianzuo's father and son?"

                "Do you have proof?"

                Song Ruize immediately said, "Of course I do!"

                "We have the video of Lin Mo injuring Liu Tianzuo that day."

                "Moreover, we also have Liu Tianzuo's autopsy report."

                "According to the report, Liu Tianzuo was the one who died after being severely injured, causing damage to his internal organs!"

                "On that day, Lin Mo was the only one who injured Liu Tianzuo."

                "If he didn't kill him, then who did?"