Medical Genius Chapter 1048

 When Liu Tianyou returned home, he immediately dissolved the bottle of medicine in water and gave it to the crowd to drink.

                After drinking it, the symptoms of the people really disappeared immediately.

                The people were amazed and asked where in the world Liu Tianyou had gotten such a miraculous medicine.

                Liu Tianyou casually made it up, saying that he knew a folk doctor and he had prescribed the medicine for him.

                The people didn't suspect much and were all grateful to Liu Tianyou.

                This raised Liu Tianyou's status in the family once again, and many people even said outright that Liu Tianyou was more suitable to be the head of the family.

                All of this made Liu Tianyou feel extremely pleased with himself, feeling that he had everything under control!

                The night was uneventful.

                The next morning, people from the other nine great clans arrived at the Liu family.

                This time, it was even more serious than what happened last time.

                Last time, it was Zhou Ze who died, and that was only the previous heir of the Zhou family, who was an ordinary person after being stripped of his heirship, so it didn't have much impact.

                But this time, the one who died was the current head of the ten great families.

                Not only did all the family heads of the ten great families come, but even the old masters of the ten great families, they all rushed over.

                Moreover, they had all brought a number of experts with them.

                This time, the ten great families had a secret agreement long ago.

                Even if Nanba Tian himself came, they would definitely pursue the matter to the end.

                After all, if they gave in this time, then after that, the prestige of the Ten Great Families would be reduced to a minimum!

                At the same time, the Sheng Shi Gong Mansion.

                Lin Mo had eaten his breakfast, cleaned up a bit, and then went out to leave.

                Xu Hanxia wanted to go with him, but was stopped by him.

                This trip over today was bound to see blood, and Lin Mo did not want Xu Hanxia to see too many such scenes.

                After sending Lin Mo away, Xu Hanxia returned to the house with a worried face.

                Xu Jiangong whispered in a comforting voice, "Halfsia, don't worry too much."

                "Didn't Lin Mo say that it would be fine!"

                "Don't worry, Lin Mo said that he didn't kill the person, he'll just go and make things clear!"

                After Lin Mo saved Fang Hui last night, Xu Jiangong trusted Lin Mo even more.

                Xu Hanxia nodded and was just about to speak when Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang suddenly pushed the door in.

                Xu Dongxue had an excited smile on her face, and as soon as she entered, she immediately said, "Dad, Mom, I want to show you something good!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was surprised: "What is it?"

                Xu Dongxue took out her mobile phone and pulled out a video.

                On top of the video, it showed a melee scene, the same melee from the bar last night.

                The video, as if it was aimed at Lin Mo and Liu Tianzuo, clearly captured these two people.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui clearly saw that Lin Mo had beaten Liu Tianzuo back several steps and vomited out several mouthfuls of blood.

                Both of their faces changed, this Lin Mo, had really injured someone?


                "I told you, this matter won't be that simple!"

                "Lin Mo is simply lying to you guys!"

                "What just punched someone? Was that a punch from him?"

                "He's going to beat someone to death, look, he's spitting blood!"

                Xu Dongxue yelled excitedly, as if she was happy to have caught Lin Mo in a crime.

                Xu Hanxia said anxiously, "Where did this ...... video come from?"

                "It's a fake, right?"

                "How is this possible?"

                Xu Dongxue glanced at her, "Fake?"

                "Heh, this is something Huang Liang got from the police station through a friend."

                "It's been technically authenticated, it's absolutely genuine!"

                Xu Jiangong's face changed: "Lin Mo ...... Lin Mo really hit so hard?"

                "It can't be?"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Dad, you still really think of Lin Mo as some kind of good guy, huh?"

                "All those gentlemanly things he usually does in front of you guys are all just pretend!"

                "Have you forgotten how he beat up my husband before?"

                "And my husband's friend, he picked up a bottle and threw it at his head!"

                "This is a barbarian, once he gets mad, what can he not do?"