Medical Genius Chapter 1047

 Nightmist looked at Lin Mo with hope.

                Lin Mo's expression was solemn as he shook his head, "I won't do it!"

                Night Mimi's face instantly turned desperate, she only had this one last wish, but was it even possible to fulfil this last wish?

                Lin Mo glanced at her and said softly, "If you want them to return to their roots, then you can send them back yourself!"

                Nightmist smiled bitterly, "I won't live long either ......"

                Lin Mo sneered, "I'll let you live, who dares to let you die!"

                Night Mimi froze for a moment as she looked at Lin Mo in shock.

                She knew in her own heart how injured she was, where did he get the confidence?

                Lin Mo didn't explain too much to her, taking out two pills and stuffing them into her mouth. Then, he took out another silver needle and helped her channel the medicinal properties.

                After spending more than an hour, all the wounds on Night Mimi's body, surprisingly, slowly began to heal.

                Although she was still very weak, Night Mimi knew that her life was saved.

                She was shocked and surprised, "Lin Mo, no, Mr. Lin, you ...... your medical skills, it's amazing!"

                "Thank you for saving me, how can I ...... repay you?"

                Lin Mo: "You know what I want!"

                Night Charm pondered for a moment, her expression on her face gradually becoming flirtatious.

                "Men, it's true that they are all the same."

                "However, Mr. Lin, the injuries on my body have not yet healed, so isn't it not quite appropriate for you to ask for such a thing at this time?"

                "How about, when I'm healed, I'll come back to serve you?"

                Lin Mo's head was filled with black lines, this woman, what was she thinking?

                "Who asked you to serve me!"

                "I am trying to know about Miaojiang!"

                Lin Mo bellowed indignantly.

                Night Charm froze, she was still very confident in her charm.

                Moreover, she was cultivating a charm compulsion, which was specifically used to charm men.

                Lin Mo, unexpectedly unmoved?

                This is already the case, and you only want to know about Miaojiang?

                Night Charm frowned, silent for a long time, shook her head and said, "Sorry, I can't tell you about Miaojiang."

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice: "Don't forget that I saved this life of yours!"

                Nightmist turned pale as she said in a deep voice, "Mr. Lin, you saved me, I am grateful to you, but I will definitely not do anything to betray Miaojiang!"

                "How about this, this life, I'll return it to you!"

                With that, she smoothly grabbed the dagger next to her and stabbed it directly towards her heart.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised, this woman, on the contrary, was quite loyal.

                He quickly clasped Night Mimic's wrist and snatched the dagger away.

                Night Mimi frowned: "Mr. Lin, can't I even return my life to you?"

                "Could it be that you still want to torture me to extract a confession?"

                Lin Mo pondered for a long time and finally waved his hand, "Forget it, for the sake of your filial piety, I won't bother with you!"

                "Take your master and brother and leave, I saved your life and don't want you to repay me."

                "But, I at least hope that in the future, you are not my enemy, understand?"

                Nightmist's face showed surprise, she originally thought that if she didn't answer, Lin Mo would kill herself.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo would let her go like this!

                After a moment of silence, Night Mimic suddenly fell to her knees and solemnly said, "Mr. Lin, this kindness, I will keep it in my heart!"

                "In the future, I will definitely not be an enemy of yours!"

                "Moreover, whenever you need, as long as it is not a betrayal of Miaojiang, I will definitely help you with all my might, this is my promise to you!"

                After speaking, Night Mimic gave Lin Mo three kowtows.

                When she lifted her head, Lin Mo had long since disappeared.

                Night Mimi froze in place, thinking back on the events of the night, she couldn't help but feel a lot of emotion in her heart.

                "What a strange man indeed!"

                Night Mimi let out a low cry, looking at the two lines of corpses on the ground, but her eyes were red again.

                "Master, Third Senior Brother, I will avenge you all!"