Medical Genius Chapter 1046

 Putting everything together, Lin Mo looked at Liu Tianxiang, "Now, you believe it, right?"

                Liu Tianxiang let out a long sigh and slowly nodded his head.

                He stood up and said in a deep voice, "Mr. Lin, I'll leave first."

                "I still have some important things that I have to do!"

                "But, don't worry, I will definitely not go back on what I promised you!"

                Lin Mo knew that this was Liu Tianxiang finally agreeing to become the family head.

                His plan, too, had finally worked!

                With the Liu family's defection, the Ten Great Families, there would be three families working with him!

                Liu Tianxiang left first, while Lin Mo went to the inner room.

                Just now, in order not to be discovered by Liu Tianyou, he had locked all five of those people in the inner room.

                The house was extremely well soundproofed and, with the inner chamber at the innermost part, it was almost isolated from the outside world.

                As soon as he entered the inner room, he could smell a strong smell of blood.

                On the floor of the house, only three people were now left.

                Lin Mo's face changed and when he looked closely, he saw that these three people were none other than Ur, Nightmist, and a young man.

                All three of them were covered in blood, especially Ur, who had been stabbed several times in the heart and was completely dead.

                The young man was also not breathing, and the only one who was still alive was Nightmist.

                However, she now had a knife stabbed in her chest, and her breath was like a gasp.

                It wasn't that Night Mimi had been lucky, but Lin Mo had just sealed her bloodline, slowing down the melting of the compulsion incense and preventing her from dying a horrible death.

                It was also because of this that she had been stabbed a few times, but not much blood had come out, and she was not dead for the time being.

                However, with such a serious injury, it was impossible to save her even if she was sent to the hospital!

                Lin Mo immediately helped Night Mimic up, while stabbing three silver needles into her acupuncture points to help her stay alive.

                "What's going on here?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice.

                Night Mimi looked at Ur on the ground and sobbed, "Master ...... Master used his native compulsion to help those two traitors pull out the silver needles ......"

                "However, they ...... they coveted Master's original compulsion and struck out to kill him."

                "Not only that, they also dug out Third Brother's original compulsion and killed Third Brother. Even, they even stabbed me a few times to kill and exterminate me."

                Lin Mo's face was greatly chilled as he glanced at Wuer and was somewhat shocked in his heart.

                He himself had really underestimated this Wuer this time, he didn't expect that Wuer's destiny compulsion would be so powerful that it could break free from his own silver needle seal.

                However, these two disciples of his were really too vicious too.

                Master had saved them, and they had gone out of their way to kill Ur and take away his Benevolent Compulsion.

                After the original master was killed, the original compulsion would lose its master and would be taken away by others, becoming someone else's treasure.

                As Wuer's natal compulsion was so powerful, it would naturally make people's eyes water.

                Suddenly, Nightmist grabbed Lin Mo's sleeve and said in a trembling voice, "Lin ...... Lin Mo, help me ......"

                Lin Mo frowned: "I help you?"

                "On what basis?"

                "Have you forgotten that we are enemies!"

                Night Phantom trembled: "I'm already dying, whether I'm an enemy or a friend doesn't ...... matter anymore ......"

                "I ...... still have a silver fox who has followed me since childhood and belongs to the compulsion fae."

                "I can give ...... this silver fox to you, you help me ......"

                Lin Mo's face slightly moved, silver fox, but it is a rare thing.

                "What do you want me to help you do?"

                Night charm turned his head, lingeringly looked at master Wuer, trembling voice: "Compulsion people, speak of returning to their roots."

                "You ...... you help me to send the bones of my master and third senior brother back to Miaojiang, back to the hundred thousand mountains."

                "I ...... will be able to rest in peace even if I die ......."

                Lin Mo stood in awe.

                He originally didn't have much of a good feeling for this Night Mimic, but, with these words, she touched Lin Mo.

                At the last moment, she didn't seek to save her own life, instead she only considered allowing her master and brother to return to their roots.

                This woman, although she cultivated a charm compulsion that played with emotions, was a person who valued love and righteousness!