Medical Genius Chapter 1045

 Liu Tianyou didn't even notice Liu Tianxiang's difference, he thought about it and then said.

                "By the way, the situation of those people in my family who were struck by the compulsion is different from that compulsion you gave me, ah."

                "Didn't you say before that those compulsions you gave me, after entering the human body, would cause the internal organs of the human body to rupture as if they had been beaten to death, and not even the slightest change could be seen on the outside."

                "Even if the hospital went to do an autopsy, it would still conclude that Lin Mo had broken Liu Tianzuo's internal organs, causing him to die, and there would be no way to find out about the compulsions."

                "And my family's man, now he has blisters, pustules and itching all over his body, his internal organs are fine ah."

                Hearing Liu Tianyou say these words, Lin Mo almost laughed out loud.

                This fool, has learned to snatch answers?

                You've said all these things, so I don't have to ask anymore!

                He pretended to think about it and said in a deep voice, "The situation at your house is indeed not us giving you that compulsion."

                "It's possible that someone is really targeting you!"

                "Tell you what, I'll give you some medicine first, you take it back to them and give it to them to control the situation first."

                "I'll contact my master later and help you solve this matter!"

                Liu Tianyou was overjoyed and nodded his head repeatedly, "Many thanks, many thanks to the master."

                "Don't worry, after resolving Lin Mo and incidentally eliminating the cronies Liu Tianzuo left behind as well, I will definitely be able to become the family head."

                "At that time, I will absolutely work for you with all my heart!"

                Lin Mo took out a porcelain bottle, "These medicinal powders, take them back, pour a pot of water and sprinkle them inside the water."

                "One cup for each of you, and you will be fine."

                Liu Tianyou was like a treasure and hurriedly took this porcelain vial over.

                By getting this antidote, the people of the Liu family would definitely be saved.

                And by then, his prestige would be further enhanced, and then he would have even less problem becoming the head of the family!

                Liu Tianyou left happily, and inside the house, Liu Tianxiang slammed his fist heavily on the table, gritting his teeth in anger, "This beast!"

                "How could he do such a thing?"

                "Liu Tianzuo, it's his own elder brother!"

                Lin Mo uncovered the human skin mask on his face and said softly, "Those imperial sons in ancient times, is it still rare to see them kill their brothers for the sake of the throne?"

                "Liu Tianxiang, don't you know clearly how your lineage came to this point?"

                Liu Tianxiang clenched his teeth, he was really moved by these words of Lin Mo.

                Thinking about what had happened to his own lineage, his heart also began to chill.

                The kinship he had always insisted on was so worthless in the eyes of others!

                Just then, Tiger suddenly called.

                "Brother Lin, Wu Fei Fei has met up with that man behind the curtain."

                "Hahaha, I guess you couldn't even imagine who this person behind the curtain is!"

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment and suddenly laughed, "It's Liu Tianzuo's driver, Wang Lin, right?"

                Tiger exclaimed, "Huh, how did you know that?"

                Lin Mo smiled, he originally didn't know.

                However, after those words from Liu Tianyou just now, he had immediately guessed.

                Liu Tianyou wanted to frame Liu Yanhui, so it would be best to use Liu Yanhui's people to do this.

                From the outside, it appeared that Wang Lin was a close associate of Liu Tianzuo, which meant that he was on Liu Yanhui's side.

                He would go and let Fei Fei Wu cheat Fang Hui away, and even if he was found out then, he would be able to plant the evidence on Liu Yanhui.

                I have to say that Liu Tianyou is really sinister, and he has thought through everything very thoroughly.

                However, it was his bad luck to meet Lin Mo.

                When he fought with Lin Mo, this little trick of his was not enough!

                "Ignore them both, don't alert the snake for now."

                Lin Mo instructed and hung up the phone.

                After that, he put away the mobile phone that he had just placed next to him, and put away the backup of the video he had just taken.

                Just now, from the time Liu Tianyou came in to the time Liu Tianyou left, the whole process, Lin Mo had filmed it all.

                This video would be the evidence to clean up Liu Tianyou tomorrow!