Medical Genius Chapter 1044

 Lin Mo gave a wink to Liu Tianxiang, signalling him not to get excited, lest he reveal himself.

                Liu Tianyou entered the room and was surprised to see that only two people were left in the room, "Why are you two here alone?"

                "Where is Elder Ur?"

                Lin Mo pressed his voice, "Master and the others have gone out."

                "What happened?"

                Liu Tianyou froze for a moment, "What happened to your voice?"

                Lin Mo: "It's a bit mute, nothing."

                "Let's talk about you first."

                Liu Tianyou didn't think much about it, he hurriedly said, "Something happened to my family, I ...... don't know what happened to everyone in my family, they all suddenly got compelled."

                "Many people have had compulsion attacks, and the family is now in a mess."

                Before Lin Mo infiltrated the Liu family and released those white powders, which were actually compulsions.

                Lin Mo knew exactly what was going on in his heart, but he still pretended to be surprised, "How could this happen?"

                "How could something like this happen to your family?"

                "Who would put compulsion into your house?"

                Liu Tianyou said urgently, "It's true, I saw it with my own eyes!"

                "Grandmaster, would ...... it be the person from the 72 Dong that you said had put the compulsion?"

                "Why don't you come back with me first and take a look."

                "This compulsion looks horrible, if we don't treat it, I don't know how many people in my family will die."

                "Now many people in my family are my close friends, if they die, in the future, even if I become the head of the family, the family's strength will be greatly reduced, so I won't be able to help you guys much."

                As Liu Tianxiang listened to these words, his fists could not help but quietly clench.

                For Liu Tianyou to do this was simply betraying the family!

                Lin Mo glanced at Liu Tianxiang and said softly, "I don't think so."

                "As I told you before, we, the people of Miaojiang, do not freely give compulsions to outsiders, unless we encounter an enemy."

                "You have not made enemies with other people in Miaojiang, have you?"

                Liu Tianyou immediately shook his head, "How is that possible!"

                "Master, apart from you few, I haven't seen any other Miaojiang people."

                Lin Mo frowned, "Then what's going on with us?"

                After thinking for a moment, Lin Mo suddenly said, "Right, could it be that something happened to those parasites we gave you before?"

                "I told you, those compulsions must not make any mistakes, did you not do as I said?"

                Liu Tianyou froze for a moment and said blankly, "I ...... did exactly what you instructed me to do!"

                "After I took the compulsion back, I never opened the lid from the beginning to the end."

                "Later I put that bottle in Liu Tianzuo's car, and only after Liu Tianzuo went upstairs did I ask his driver Wang Lin to open the lid."

                "According to what you said before, this compulsion devours blood. When Liu Tianzuo went upstairs, with Lin Mo's character, he would definitely injure him, and after he came down, the compulsions would definitely choose him first."

                "All this, all done according to our plan, there is no mistake ah!"

                Liu Tianxiang's body trembled a little.

                He finally understood how exactly Lin Mo had proved this matter!

                Now that Liu Tianyou had said these things himself, was there any more falsity in this?

                Lin Mo secretly laughed in his heart, this Liu Tianyou was really cooperative.

                But his face did not change in the slightest: "Are you sure?"

                "This Wang Lin, can you trust him?"

                Liu Tianyou immediately nodded, "Trustworthy!"

                "This bastard, he owes more than ten million dollars in gambling debts outside."

                "People have arrested his wife and children, he simply can't afford to pay back the money."

                "Not only that, he also embezzled over seven million dollars of the family's public money, if the family knew about it, he would definitely die!"

                "I helped him pay off his gambling debts and evened out his company, he definitely wouldn't dare betray me!"

                Liu Tianxiang's fist clenched again, he didn't expect that a driver of the family could even do such a thing.

                This moment also strengthened his determination to become the family head.

                The Liu family, it was time to reorganise for once!