Medical Genius Chapter 1043

 These two were both stunned, not understanding what Lin Mo meant.

                Lin Mo pulled out some bottles and jars from his body, tossed and turned, and came up with a bowl of thick, thin paste.

                He smeared the thin paste evenly on the two men's faces.

                After a short time, the paste dried up and Lin Mo took it off, revealing two exquisite human skin masks.

                Lin Mo handed one of the masks to Liu Tianxiang, and put on the other mask himself.

                After these masks were put on, the faces of the two men immediately turned into the appearance of the two Miao frontier men.

                Coupled with the fact that they had similar figures, so, without looking closely, one could not tell the difference at all.

                This was the disguise method within the jade pendant inheritance, which Lin Mo had never used before, and this was the first time he had used it.

                Of course, the masks made by this method were actually rather crude. If one looked closely, or if one was particularly familiar with it, one could still tell the difference.

                However, it was now night and it was dark.

                Moreover, when Liu Tianyou came later, he would certainly be in a hurry, and it would be impossible to look closely enough to see that there would be no breakage.

                Liu Tianxiang was wearing his mask and said curiously, "Mr. Lin, why are we wearing this?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Waiting for Liu Tianyou to come and explain what he's doing!"


                The Liu family compound.

                Earlier he had been bewitched by Night Charm's charm compulsion and had tossed himself about, and was now gradually coming to his senses.

                Looking next to him, he was slightly puzzled by the fact that Night Charm was not here, but he did not care.

                After all, surely someone from Miaojiang couldn't have stayed here forever.

                Carefully recalling the feeling he had just experienced, Liu Tianyou could not say how pleased he was.

                Little did he know that, in fact, from beginning to end, it was all his own illusion.

                He hadn't even touched Night Mimic's finger!

                Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the door, as if something big had happened.

                Surprised, Liu Tianyou put on his clothes and ran out to see a group of people in the courtyard making a commotion.

                "What are you doing?"

                "What's all the commotion for if you're not sleeping at night?"

                "The old man is resting, you'll wake him up again!"

                Liu Tianyou scolded angrily.

                At this moment, a man ran over, "Second brother, something is wrong."

                "I don't know what's going on, our ...... family members have suddenly started to grow blisters on their bodies."

                "There are several others, as if they have been poisoned, foaming at the mouth, and all kinds of poisonous sores have grown on their bodies, spreading especially fast."

                "The most terrifying thing is that inside these poisonous sores, there are actually some white worms, as if maggots ......"

                Liu Tianyou's face suddenly changed, he had been in contact with the people of Miaojiang for a long time, wasn't this a sign of being hit by a compulsion?

                Did it mean that the people of his own family, had been hit by compulsions?

                "How could this happen?"

                "How many people have had this happen?"

                Liu Tianyou said urgently.

                Man: "There were only a few people at first, but now there are dozens."

                "This thing seems to be contagious, oops, I ...... am starting to get pain in this body too ......"

                Liu Tianyou's face instantly turned pale, what the hell is going on here?

                People from his own family, how could they be hit by the parasite?

                Does it mean that the people from Miaojiang, have put compulsions on their own family?

                But, this is not right!

                He was clearly working for them!

                Thinking for a moment, Liu Tianyou immediately ran back into the house, grabbed his car keys and rushed out.

                The people of the family must have been infected by the compulsion, and he had to find those people from Wuerl immediately and ask what was going on.

                Even if it wasn't Wuer and the others who had put the bewitchment, they still had a way to save them.

                After a wild ride, Liu Tianyou rushed to the unique courtyard where Wuer and the others were, and directly pushed the door in. Before he entered the house, he said in a trembling and urgent voice, "Senior Wuer, something has happened to my family."

                At this moment, Liu Tianxiang and Lin Mo were sitting in the living room.

                Hearing Liu Tianyou's voice, a cold aura immediately flashed across Liu Tianxiang's eyes.

                The fact that Liu Tianyou could come here already said everything!