Medical Genius Chapter 1040

 In the Ding family compound, there were hundreds of people standing here today.

                Among them, a large part of them were people from the other nine great clans.

                At the head of the group was Li Chengduo, the head of the Li family.

                His face was full of arrogance, as if he had everything under control.

                There were also several people on the ground, two of them, covered in blood, not knowing whether they were dead or alive.

                These few people were all members of the Ding family.

                The Ding family's master took a look at the scene and became directly annoyed: "Li Chengduo, what are you doing?"

                "This is my Ding Family, you ran into my Ding Family and injured my Ding Family's people, do you really think that my Ding Family is easy to bully?"

                Li Chengduo let out a wild laugh, "Of course the Ding family is easy to bully!"

                "That wimp surnamed Lin only used one sentence, and you all obediently offered up 30% of the shares of Tianhua Mall."

                "Tell me, is your Ding family a good bully?"

                The Ding family's master's face changed, this was simply an insult.

                Elder Ding said in a deep voice, "Li Chengduo, what exactly do you want to do?"

                Li Chengduo said proudly, "Very simple."

                "The Ding family hand over all shares in Tianhua Mall, and also, all of the Ding family's properties in Guangyang City."

                "Everyone in the Ding family, get out of Guangyang City!"

                The Ding family head said angrily, "Li Chengduo, on what grounds?"

                Li Chengduo: "On what basis?"

                "On the basis that I have the upper hand now!"

                "On the basis that we can easily destroy your entire family!"

                "Today, either you hand over all these things and get out of Guangyang City!"

                "Or, I will slaughter all of your Ding family, take all these things, and make your Ding family extinct!"

                When Li Chengduo said this, his face was unspeakably smug and arrogant.

                Lin Mo stood in the crowd and could not help but sigh as he watched Li Chengduo in this state.

                With Li Chengduo's character, there was no way that he could be that mysterious third family.

                There was no doubt that this third family was definitely someone else.

                And this Li Chengduo was just an egotistical maniac who was being used!

                The Ding family head was furious: "Li Chengduo, even if you have the upper hand, you still have to be reasonable in your actions!"

                "At the time we sold our shares in Tianhua Mall to Mr. Lin, it was because we had done something wrong and should be punished."

                "You are now asking us to hand over Tianhua Shopping Mall for no reason, what kind of reasoning are you ...... you talking about?"

                Li Chengduo said in a cold voice: "Want reasoning, right?"

                "Fine, I'll give you a reason!"

                With that, he waved his hand violently and a few people behind him lifted out a snakeskin bag.

                Several people threw the snakeskin bag towards the ground, and out of it rolled a youth covered in blood.

                The Ding family head took one look, his face changed and he said urgently, "Hao Wen! Hao Wen! What happened to you?"

                This youth was none other than the son of the Ding family head, Ding Haowen, who was also the heir of the Ding family.

                The faces of the Ding family were all annoyed; everyone in the Ding family was disgraced when the Ding family heir was beaten like this.

                Li Chengduo said aloud, "Your son, surnamed Ding, toad trying to eat the flesh of a swan, intending to insult my daughter."

                "Fortunately, my Ding family's men arrived in time, otherwise, my daughter would have been poisoned by him!"

                "Hmph, Lin Mo's wife was almost insulted by you, and you lost 30% of the shares of Tianhua Mall."

                "My daughter was almost insulted, so how much do you, the Ding family, have to pay out to be enough?"

                Ding Haowen raised his head tremblingly, "Dad, I ...... I didn't, they framed me ......"

                Li Chengduo burst out in anger and kicked Ding Haowen in the chest.

                "Son of a bitch, let you speak?"

                This kick directly caused Ding Haowen to drip blood down his mouth.

                The Ding family head looked so heartbroken that he let out a hiss and rushed straight up, trying to save Ding Haowen back.

                However, several people around Li Chengduo directly stopped him.

                Li Chengduo looked at the Ding Family Master from above and sneered, "Ding Family Master, don't move."

                "Otherwise, I will beat you to death!"

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