Medical Genius Chapter 1038

 Liu Tianxiang held the jade beads and followed closely behind Lin Mo, quietly arriving outside this solitary courtyard.

                During this journey, Lin Mo also discovered that Liu Tianxiang's own strength was still not weak.

                He had practised martial arts since childhood and had achieved a small amount of internal strength, so an ordinary six or seven people would probably not be his match.

                In such circumstances, it was somewhat useful, at least he was light on his feet and would not be noticed.

                When he arrived at the courtyard wall, Liu Tianxiang was about to go over the wall, but he was pulled by Lin Mo.

                Liu Tianxiang looked at Lin Mo in surprise and lowered his voice: "It's alright, I can just climb over this kind of courtyard wall."

                Lin Mo waved his hand and did not say anything.

                He took out a porcelain bottle from his body, opened the cap, and a red-coloured centipede crawled out from inside.

                Liu Tianxiang's eyes widened, this centipede looked fierce.

                Lin Mo put the centipede on the ground, and it crawled towards the wall with a giggle.

                Just then, there was a subtle rattling sound coming from the wall as well.

                Suddenly, a black shadow quickly rushed over and opened its mouth and swallowed the centipede directly.

                Only then did Liu Tianxiang see clearly that the black shadow was a small snake with a black body.

                The snake was so fast that even Liu Tianxiang was scared and took a step back at this moment.

                This kind of snake, at first glance, was extremely poisonous.

                Lin Mo was calm, he looked at the little snake quietly, as if he was not afraid at all.

                After the little snake swallowed the centipede, it stared straight at Lin Mo, as if it was ready to attack.

                Suddenly, its body trembled and then rolled straight up on the ground as if it was in pain.

                "What's wrong with it ...... it?"

                Liu Tianxiang exclaimed in a low voice.

                Lin Mo waved his hand, signaling him not to speak.

                Not long after, the little snake's tumbling stopped and its abdomen suddenly broke open as if it had been bitten by something.

                Immediately after, the crimson centipede, unexpectedly, crawled out from this wound.

                Liu Tianxiang's eyes were almost staring out!

                He had just witnessed this centipede being swallowed in, shouldn't this centipede be dead already?

                How could it still bite through the black snake's abdomen and crawl out from inside?

                This centipede, what kind of centipede was it? Was it so powerful?

                In fact, this centipede, was the centipede that Lin Mo had first found that compulsion clan member, who carried with him.

                The toxicity of this centipede was completely incomparable to this black snake.

                However, after this centipede had followed Barbara for a period of time, both its combat vitality and toxicity had been enhanced several times.

                Here is where Barbara is special, not only is she able to live in harmony with those parasites. The most crucial thing is that after following her around for a while, the insects become extremely powerful!

                Such was the case with this centipede!

                After climbing out, the centipede continued to crawl towards that wall.

                At this moment, there was a sparse sound around, and a few more poisonous insects crawled out from the darkness.

                Liu Tianxiang's face was tense, these things were a bit creepy to look at.

                Lin Mo reacted calmly as he once again took out several porcelain vases, each with a crimson centipede crawling out of it.

                Last time, he had taken away quite a few centipedes, all of which had followed Barbara around and become extraordinarily powerful.

                After these poisonous insects came over, they put up a fight with these centipedes, and before long, all of these poisonous insects were bitten to death, and the centipedes were all victorious.

                After settling all this, Lin Mo took these centipedes back into the porcelain vase.

                Only at this moment did he nod towards Liu Tianxiang, "You can go in now."

                After saying this, he himself first took a leap and flipped over this wall.

                Liu Tianxiang's face was pale, these events tonight had refreshed his perception.

                He followed him over the wall and came outside the small building.

                Through the window, he saw several people sitting in the hall of the small building.

                And in front of them, there was a woman with a flirtatious appearance lying down.

                Only, this woman was now twitching as if she was in pain.