Medical Genius Chapter 1037

 Lin Mo turned around and walked over to the table, took out a small jar and placed it on the table.

                Inside the jar, there was a thumb-sized fleshy worm, so fat that it was similar to an ordinary vegetable worm.

                "This is a Miaojiang compulsion called a tracking compulsion."

                "This compulsion, too, is a type of son and mother compulsion, the molecular compulsion and the mother compulsion."

                "What you are seeing now, is the mother compulsion."

                "And the mother compulsion, is able to sense the direction of the child compulsion. The direction its head is pointing in is always the direction where the child parasite is!"

                Lin Mo said in a soft voice.

                Fang Wude's face was somewhat shocked, he was aware of the Miaojiang compulsion tribe.

                Moreover, he had seen Master Sangzhuo's methods with his own eyes back then, and he knew very well what the Miaojiang compulsion tribe was capable of.

                Honestly, he now had a psychological shadow when he saw the parasites.

                This kind of thing was just too terrifying for ordinary people!

                Liu Tianxiang's face was astonished: "The Miaojiang compulsion race?"

                "Is there really such a race?"

                "I've heard the family elders mention it, it's said to be a particularly mysterious race that only exists inside the 100,000 mountains of Miaojiang and doesn't come out of the mountains."

                Lin Mo laughed, "Now, not only have they come out of the mountains, but also, quite a few of them have entered Guangyang City!"

                "This is something that Family Master Fang knows best!"

                Fang Wu De had an embarrassed face as he briefly described what had happened to Master Sanzhuo earlier.

                After hearing this, Liu Tianxiang's face changed slightly.

                He looked at Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, what do you mean by taking out this compulsion?"

                "Could it be that you think that my family also has collusion with the Miaojiang compulsion tribe?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "It's not your family, it's Liu Tianyou!"

                "Liu Tianzuo's death was also caused by him!"

                A sharp aura flashed in Liu Tianxiang's eyes, "Do you have proof?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Of course I have evidence."

                "But the problem is that this evidence is something you can't accept."

                "However, I can use other methods to prove this matter!"

                Liu Tianxiang immediately said, "How can you prove it?"

                Lin Mo pointed at the tracking compulsion, "I captured a Miaojiang compulsion clan member earlier and placed the daughter compulsion on her."

                "I deliberately let her escape, now, by using the mother compulsion, we will be able to find the location of this group of compulsion people."

                "Liu Tianxiang, do you dare to go with me to meet this group of compulsion clansmen?"

                Liu Tianxiang took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Why wouldn't I dare!"

                Lin Mo nodded in satisfaction, took the wooden jar, and led Liu Tianxiang downstairs.

                Lin Mo didn't bring anyone else with him, so he drove Liu Tianxiang alone, following the direction pointed by the tracking compulsion, all the way to the outskirts of the city.

                When he was almost at the single courtyard, the tracking compulsion's movement was obviously a bit louder.

                Lin Mo stopped the car and looked at that single courtyard a few hundred meters away, "The mother compulsion reacted so strongly, so it should be here."

                "In order not to spook the snake, we have to walk over there."

                Liu Tianxiang took a deep breath and opened the car door to get out of the car, but was pulled by Lin Mo.

                "We can't go straight over like this."

                "These are people from the Miaojiang compulsion tribe, and there is no telling how many compulsions are around this compound."

                "Approach at random and you won't even know how you're going to die!"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice.

                Liu Tianxiang's face changed, "Is it that terrifying?"

                Lin Mo bristled, if Fang Wude was here, he would definitely be much more cautious than him.

                "Hold this in your hand, it will keep you from being attacked by a hundred poisons!"

                Lin Mo took out a bead and handed it to Liu Tianxiang.

                Liu Tianxiang was surprised: "This is a jade bead, is it so magical?"

                Lin Mo didn't bother to explain, this jade bead was one that Barbara had worn with her for ten days.

                Barbara's physique was miraculous, all compulsions, were ineffective against her.

                This jade bead had been worn by Ah Man for a period of time, and could also ward off some poison, but there was a time limit.

                After that, the effect would disappear. After all, it was only tainted with some of Barbara's breath!