Medical Genius Chapter 1036

 Lin Mo asked rhetorically, "If I can prove that Liu Tianzuo was not killed by me, then are you willing to cooperate with me?"

                Liu Tianxiang frowned slightly and pondered for a moment, "Liu Lin is also a member of the Liu family ......"

                Lin Mo threw a file bag on the table, "This is all of Liu Lin's crimes."

                "You should also be clear about what he has done."

                "If these things are taken out, will the people of the Liu family, still acknowledge Liu Lin's identity?"

                Liu Tianxiang fell into silence and thought for a long time before saying softly, "Mr. Lin, there is no way I would do something wrong to the family!"

                Lin Mo: "No one is asking you to do something wrong to the family."

                "I am only talking about cooperation, cooperation that is beneficial to both of us!"

                "In the future, we'll just be allies. You can help me, and I can help you, that's all."

                "I won't interfere with the Liu family's affairs, on the contrary, I can also help the Liu family go higher and further!"

                Liu Tianxiang could not help but raise his head, his gaze burning as he stared at Lin Mo and said softly, "Mr. Lin, not a small ambition, huh?"

                Lin Mo smiled, and so did Fang Wu De.

                This was something Fang Wude had said before, but now it was Liu Tianxiang's turn to say it!

                Lin Mo stood up, looked at the distant sky and said softly, "My ambition will not be limited to Guangyang City!"

                "Likewise, I also hope that your gaze will not only linger in Guangyang City!"

                "A Huo family can kill Zhou Ze in Guangyang City, and have Zhou Qingwu kill his own son with his own hands."


                "Just because the Huo family is stronger than you!"

                "Just because the Huo family, can sweep away your ten clans!"

                "Liu Tianxiang, are you willing to do that?"

                "Fang Wu De, are you willing to do that?"

                Liu Tianxiang and Fang Wude looked at each other, both of them infected by Lin Mo's words.

                Honestly, this time, what had happened to the Huo and Zhou families had indeed made all the ten families feel that everyone was in danger.

                The top ten families in Guangyang City looked bright and shiny on the surface.

                In fact, compared to the Ten Families of Guangyang Province, they were nothing.

                If it wasn't for Nanba Tian, the Ten Families of Guangyang would have been swallowed up to the point of not even having any bones left.

                Fang Wude was not willing to do so, and neither was Liu Tianxiang!

                However, what could he do if he was not willing to do so?

                If one's strength is inferior to others, one can only be bullied and humiliated.

                The weak and the strong are the ultimate law of survival in this society!

                Liu Tianxiang stood up, "Mr. Lin, you have great ambition."

                "But you must not forget that in Guangyang City, there is still a Nanba Tian!"

                "Just because you have helped Master Tian and he is grateful to you, doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!"

                "Your ambition can never be realised."

                "Because, in front of you, there is always a mountain that you can never get around!"

                "That is Nanba Tian!"

                Fang Wu De looked towards Lin Mo, which was the same question he had always had all along.

                What Lin Mo was doing now was tantamount to taking away Nanba Tian's position? What made him do that?

                Lin Mo smiled, "With Master Tian's ability, if he really cared about this, would he still be hibernating in Guangyang City?"

                "Don't forget, Master Tian, you guys, is someone who came close to becoming the king of the six southern provinces!"

                The muscles on Liu Tianxiang and Fang Wude's faces twitched at the same time, as they couldn't help but remember that once that man, with his aura of swallowing mountains and rivers!

                A man who stretched across the six southern provinces, and all the great clans of the six southern provinces were trampled by him to the point where they couldn't lift their heads!

                Once, that man had almost become the king of the Southern Six Provinces!

                But, in the end, he chose to give up.

                Hibernating in Guangyang City, he hadn't set foot outside of Guangyang City for over ten years!

                Perhaps, the younger generation, no longer knew of his style back then.

                But these old folks, to this day, can still recall the moment when Nanba Tian was at the peak of his glory!

                He was the king of Guangyang City, but he was also the undisputed king of the six southern provinces!

                Liu Tianxiang and Fang Wude looked at each other, and on their faces, they could not hide their excitement.

                With these words, Lin Mo had already stated Nanba Tian's attitude.

                Nanba Tian would not oppose, and would even support him!

                At this moment, it was as if they had seen the Nanba Tian of their youth!

                Only, this young man was even more hesitant and ambitious than Nan Batian!

                He was determined to do what Nan Batian had not done!

                Liu Tianxiang took a deep breath and slowly bent down: "Mr. Lin, if you can prove that you didn't kill the family head, I will work for you!"

                Liu Tianxiang, convinced!