Medical Genius Chapter 1035

 Hearing Lin Mo's words, Wu Fei Fei's face instantly changed drastically and said urgently, "Lin Mo, you ...... you ...... don't talk nonsense!"

                Wu Fei Fei knew very well that Lin Mo's words, if they reached Liu Tianyou's ears, Liu Tianyou would never let her go.

                That's right, Lin Mo would not kill her.

                However, if Lin Mo did so, she would end up worse than dead!

                Liu Tianyou, would not scorn the fact that she was Xu Hanxia's relative, Liu Tianyou would strike and she would die a painful death!

                Lin Mo sneered, "Wu Fei Fei, it's time for you to pay for what you've done!"

                "I won't kill you, but, I will make you suffer worse than death!"

                "Tiger, let the people go!"

                Tiger let out a big smile, "Alright."

                "You guys, why don't you quickly untie Miss Wu."

                "Send Miss Wu out properly, and be respectful to Miss Wu, do you understand?"

                Several other people laughed loudly, untied Fei Fei Wu and sent her out.

                Wu Fei Fei desperately struggled and shouted curses, but no one paid any attention to her and she was dragged out.

                After seeing Wu Fei Fei walk away, Lin Mo immediately stood up, "Tiger, send someone to follow her and keep a close eye on her."

                Tiger was stunned, "Brother Lin, why are you watching her?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "Do you think I have nothing better to do than to talk to her so much?"

                "I deliberately let her know so much, and deliberately scared her, just to get her to go to Liu Tianyou!"

                "Of course, she may not be contacting Liu Tianyou personally, but in this, there must be a middleman."

                "I need to know who this middleman really is, I have to catch Liu Tianyou's incriminating evidence, understand?"

                Tiger suddenly understood and immediately said, "Brother Lin, don't worry, I'll take care of this side!"

                Lao Hu sent a group of people and went out to deal with this matter.

                As for Lin Mo, he didn't stay here either, he directly went downstairs and drove away.

                Fifteen minutes later, Lin Mo arrived at a hotel in the city.

                From the underground car park, he took the lift directly to the top floor.

                At the entrance of the lift on the top floor, there was a young man standing here.

                Seeing Lin Mo, he took a step back and said softly, "The family master has been waiting over on the terrace for a long time."

                Lin Mo nodded his head and walked straight into the room inside.

                This top floor was a huge suite, with over two thousand square feet.

                This was the Fang family's property, and this suite, too, could only be entered by the main members of the Fang family, and ordinary people could not reach here at all.

                The terrace outside also seemed to be like a huge garden.

                Lin Mo came to the terrace and saw two people sitting on it from afar.

                The night breeze was slightly cool, and the night view of Guangyang City was as far as the eye could see.

                These two people, one was Fang Wude and the other was Liu Tianxiang of the Liu family!

                As early as two hours ago, Fang Wude had invited Liu Tianxiang here.

                As Lin Mo walked over, Fang Wude rose straight away and said with a light smile, "Old Brother Liu, let me introduce you."

                "This, is the Mr. Lin I told you about."

                Liu Tianxiang looked as if he was an honest and simple farmer.

                Dressing up, he was all rather rustic.

                His eyes, however, were gleaming.

                After giving Lin Mo a glance, he nodded without moving and did not speak.

                Lin Mo also smiled gently and walked over to sit down.

                "The things that should be said, the Fang family master has already told you."

                "I wonder if Mr. Liu, is he willing to work with me?"

                Lin Mo said softly.

                Liu Tianxiang looked at the tea cup on the table and said softly, "The Liu family head died at the hands of Mr. Lin."

                "If someone from the Liu family cooperates with Mr. Lin, what is the difference between that and a traitorous clan?"

                "Mr. Lin, although my position in the Liu family is not high, this is a family after all."

                "There is no way I would betray my clan!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "If you can say this, then it means that I have not found the wrong person."

                Liu Tianxiang could not help but be surprised as he looked at Lin Mo: "What does Mr. Lin mean?"