Medical Genius Chapter 1033

 Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Fei Fei Wu, do you really think you're smart and everyone else is stupid?"

                "I was at first puzzled as to why you would deliberately let us catch you."

                "Later, when I went to that little hotel, I realised why."

                "You were there to tell us that Fang Hui was in a mobile caravan, thus misleading us to look for this caravan."

                "In fact, Fang Hui, was not inside the caravan at all!"

                Wu Fei Fei's eyes widened as she looked at Lin Mo with an incredulous expression, "You ...... how did you know?"

                Lin Mo: "I don't need to know."

                "I just need to know who captured Fang Hui!"

                Fei Fei Wu was bewildered, "What ...... what does that mean?"

                Tiger was also full of confusion, he couldn't understand Lin Mo's words either.

                "Brother Lin, wasn't it Liu Yanhui who captured Fang Hui?"

                Laohu said curiously.

                Lin Mo shook his head, "I thought it was him at first too, but then I realised it wasn't him!"

                Tiger was surprised, "It wasn't him? Then who is it?"

                Lin Mo: "Liu Tianyou!"

                Tiger's eyes widened, "Liu Tianyou? That can't be right?"

                "In this matter tonight, Liu Tianyou didn't even make a move, the ones who came were only those cronies of Liu Tianzuo's ah ......"

                Lin Mo looked at the pale Wu Fei Fei and laughed lightly, "Fei Fei, do you think so?"

                Wu Fei Fei gritted her teeth, "I ...... I don't know what you're talking about!"

                Lin Mo: "All right, it's this time, the people have been saved, so don't play these mind games with me."

                "Liu Yanhui didn't even look for you, it was Liu Tianyou who gave you the money to do this!"

                Wu Fei Fei gritted her teeth and stared at Lin Mo for a long time before finally sighing, "How the hell did you ...... know about this?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "It's time."

                Fei Fei Wu: "Time?"

                Tiger was even more bewildered, "What ...... what does that mean?"

                Lin Mo: "I went to the small hotel, transferred the surveillance and saw the image of Fang Hui being taken away."

                "The time shown on the surveillance was a little after 12:50."

                Tiger scratched his head, "What's wrong with this ......?"

                Lin Mo gave him a look, a little speechless, this tiger, really not fit for the brain ah.

                Lin Mo said, "Tiger, according to the information you got, these people, Liu Yanhui, started moving at one in the morning."

                "And before that, they all went back to the Liu family and were meeting to discuss dealing with me."

                "In other words, before 1am, Liu Yanhui couldn't have made his move, let alone run off to bribe Fei Fei Wu, have her trick Fang Hui out, and then capture her."

                Tiger's eyes widened, "Hey, that seems to be the case!"

                "A little before that, those cronies of Liu Tianzuo, there's no way they could have done it."

                Lin Mo nodded, "So, this matter, definitely wasn't done by Liu Yanhui."

                "He didn't go to arrest my wife and the others, but instead looked for Fang Hui who was left alone at the hospital, which means that the other party had planned well."

                "He knew exactly what was going on in our family and where all the people in our family were spread out."

                "Moreover, the most crucial thing is that he also knows our weaknesses and knows who is best for the other side!"

                "Thus, it seems that the other party had planned carefully before striking."

                Speaking here, Lin Mo looked at Tiger and said softly, "I told you that all along, it was Liu Tianyou who was dealing with us in the dark."

                "Before what happened tonight, Liu Yanhui probably didn't even know that something had happened to his family, so how could he have planned these things in advance?"

                "So, the one who captured Fang Hui was definitely not Liu Yanhui, but Liu Tianyou who had planned everything long ago!"

                Tiger suddenly realized and clapped his hands repeatedly, "Aiya, Brother Lin, your analysis is so correct!"

                "Fuck me, I was kept in the dark and almost sent someone to arrest Liu Yanhui and force him to hand over Fang Hui!"