Medical Genius Chapter 1031

 Xu Hanxia stood by, listening to her father's words, and in this moment, she felt like crying.

                For three years, she had been trying to get her family to accept Lin Mo by all means.

                Even if the family didn't like Lin Mo, she didn't care, she only begged them not to be prejudiced against Lin Mo.

                She did not expect that she had finally waited for this day.

                Her father, surprisingly, had really started to think about Lin Mo, had really spoken up for Lin Mo!

                Her eyes were moist, at this moment, she suddenly felt that all her previous aggressions were all worth it!

                Huang Liang stood at the back, and he felt a crisis in his heart like never before.

                He knew that this time he was really in trouble.

                If Xu Jiangong Fang Hui completely sided with Lin Mo, then he would be completely disqualified from competing for the family's assets!

                However, looking at the current situation, he didn't dare to say a word.

                Now Xu Jiangong was just scolding Xu Dongxue, and he was afraid of drawing the battle onto himself.

                Not long afterwards, a car drove into the courtyard and Lin Mo sent Fang Hui back.

                Xu Jiangong ran over and grabbed Fang Hui, looking left and right with a distressed look on his face.

                Xu Hanxia, on the other hand, grabbed Lin Mo's hand, her heart extraordinarily excited.

                "Lin Mo, thank you!"

                Xu Jian Gong said from the bottom of his heart.

                Lin Mo was a little surprised, he did not expect that his father-in-law would say such words to himself.

                Xu Hanxia hugged Lin Mo's arm tightly and said softly, "Lin Mo, Dad said that it was thanks to you this time."

                "Moreover, Dad also said that this time, no matter what, he definitely supports you!"

                Lin Mo was even more surprised, these were Xu Jianfeng's words?

                Xu Jian Gong then slowly nodded, "That's right!"

                "Lin Mo, this time, I absolutely support you!"

                "Moreover, I also believe you, you definitely didn't kill anyone!"

                "So what if it's the Liu family? Even if we lose our family, we'll fight them to the end!"

                Lin Mo was somewhat moved as he slowly nodded and said softly, "Dad, don't worry."

                "I will definitely take care of this matter, our Xu family, there will definitely not be any trouble!"

                Xu Jiangong nodded, "Good, Lin Mo, I trust you!"

                "You definitely won't let me down!"

                Lin Mo nodded, and he didn't linger inside the house.

                Leaving some people to guard the outside of the courtyard, he once again left the Sheng Shi Gong Mansion.

                Tonight was destined to be sleepless, he still had a lot of things to do!

                Walking out of the Shengshi Mansion, Lin Mo called Nanba Tian the first time and asked him to send some experts to guard the Shengshi Mansion.

                Tonight, when it came to this point, the next step was to completely tear up with the Liu family.

                The Liu family had quite a few fighters, including some who practiced martial arts.

                Tiger's men could treat ordinary fighters, but it would be a bit difficult to treat those who practiced martial arts.

                Lin Mo had to ensure the safety of his wife and family before he could deal with the Liu family's people.

                As for his sister Lin Xi, he wasn't worried at all.

                This was because, Lin Xi lived in the Wangjiang Garden, which was the forbidden place of Nanba Tian.

                Every time Lin Mo went in, he could sense that the security guards inside were all crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

                No one dared to go into Wangjiang Garden to cause trouble, not even the top ten families in Guangdong Province!

                What's more, Lin Mo had also instructed Barbara tonight to keep an eye on Lin Xi's side.

                Barbara might seem to have no power, but she could command many poisonous insects.

                Anyone who tried to sneak up on Wangjiang Garden might not even know how to die!

                Nanba Tian directly agreed to Lin Mo's request, and in fact, he had already sent his men over long ago.

                These people, by now, were already guarding the dark side of the Sheng Shi Gong Mansion.

                It would be impossible for anyone to infiltrate the Sheng Shi Mansion!

                With Nanba Tian sheltering his family, Lin Mo had no more worries, and he could let go and do something big.

                He rushed to Tiger's place first, he had to meet Fei Fei Wu first, to settle this woman's affairs first!