Medical Genius Chapter 1030

 Xu Hanxia was standing next to her, and seeing this, she hurriedly ran over and helped Xu Jiankong.

                "Dad, Dad, how are you? Are you alright?"

                "Don't you scare me!"

                Xu Hanxia cried out in shock, and hurriedly pinched Xu Jiankong's human centre with her hand.

                Xu Dongxue stood not far away, shivering, but did not dare to come over.

                It was only after a while that Xu Jiangong woke up.

                He looked at Xu Hanxia beside him, and then at Xu Dongxue in the distance, and his eyes were even more desperate.

                He let out a long sigh, "Hanxia, dad ...... dad is sorry for you!"

                "I used to ...... I used to treat Lin Mo, it was just too much."

                "I just now see ah, we have this family, in the end ...... who in the end is good to our old couple ......"

                "I am really an old fool ah I ......"

                Said, Xu Jiangong even old tears, can not help but cry.

                Xu Hanxia's heart was filled with joy and hard feelings: "Dad, I'm so relieved that you ...... can say that!"

                "No matter what happened before, let's treat Lin Mo well in the future, that's not all!"

                Xu Jiangong wiped his tears: "Hey, when I think about the things I did before, I ...... really can't feel sorry for myself!"

                "I used to think that this son-in-law of his came here for our family's property."

                "But tonight, this incident has made me see clearly and unambiguously!"

                "I'm sorry for Lin Mo, I'm sorry for you!"

                Xu Dongxue couldn't help herself, "Dad, what exactly do you mean?"

                "Where have I treated you all badly?"

                Xu Jiangong gave him an angry look, "You're good to us?"

                "Fine, I'm asking you."

                "Your mother was arrested tonight, what did you two do from start to finish? What did you do to help the family?"

                Xu Dongxue: "I ...... I would like to help, but I don't know what to do."

                "Besides, this matter was caused by Lin Mo ......"

                Xu Jiangong: "Shut up!"

                "This incident tonight, why exactly? Do you have no idea in your heart?"

                "Is this incident caused by Lin Mo? This matter, if we really want to pursue it, then ...... that's our family's responsibility!"

                Xu Dongxue froze: "Dad, this ...... is on what grounds?"

                "Lin Mo killed the Liu family's people ......"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Then why did Lin Mo clash with the Liu family's people?"

                "After all is said and done, isn't it still because of your sister-in-law Fang Qian's affair."

                "This matter, the cause is still at your sister-in-law Fang Qian's place."

                "That's your sister-in-law, she's related to you by blood. Lin Mo is just our son-in-law, your sister-in-law doesn't have any blood relationship with him!"

                "But Lin Mo went out of his way to fight with the Liu family for your sister-in-law's sake, making such a big fuss."

                "You say, who is really doing our family a favour?"

                Xu Dongxue was speechless, and after a moment, muttered in a low voice, "Then if you want to blame it, you can only blame my sister-in-law."

                "Why are you blaming me?"

                Xu Jian Gong was shaking with anger and said through clenched teeth, "Xu Dong Xue, are you speaking human words?"

                "That's your own sister-in-law, she's not like your third aunt. Can our family not care about her affairs?"

                "It's like you and your sister, if something happens to one of you in the future, won't the other one help?"

                "Let me put it to you this way, I don't regret helping your sister-in-law this time!"

                Xu Dongxue was still reluctant and said in a low voice, "If you help, you can help."

                "But, how big a deal is this, it was Lin Mo who made a big deal out of it ......"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "You think Lin Mo wanted to make a big deal out of it?"

                "Then wasn't it the Liu family that made a big deal out of it?"

                "Seriously, this matter, it's your mother's and their side, it has nothing to do with Lin Mo."

                "Even if Lin Mo stood by and did nothing, no one would be able to say anything about him!"

                "But, he made such a deadly feud with the Liu family over this matter, what qualifications do you ...... have to accuse him of?"