Medical Genius Chapter 1029

 Xu Hanxia also saw it at this time, and in the picture, although Fang Hui looked a little distressed, her body was intact.

                She couldn't help but breathe a long sigh of relief, while her face was agitated.

                This time, Lin Mo hadn't let her down after all!

                Xu Jiangong hugged his mobile phone and shushed her a bit, asking how Fang Hui was doing.

                Fang Hui was mainly choking, occasionally answering a few words.

                Lin Mo took the phone, "Dad, mum is fine, I'll send her back now."

                "Don't be in a hurry, just stay at home and wait!"

                Xu Jiangong nodded repeatedly, "Good, good, good boy!"

                "Lin Mo, thank you, thank you really!"

                "If it wasn't for you, I ...... really don't know what I would have done ......"

                After hanging up the phone, Xu Jiangong wiped away the tears on his face, he was crying with joy.

                Xu Dongxue Huang Liang, on the other hand, was standing dumbfounded next to him, the two of them were completely confused.

                Xu Hanxia remembered what they had just said and couldn't help but look annoyed, "Xu Dongxue, Huang Liang, didn't you guys just say that it was impossible for Lin Mo to save Mom back?"

                "Now, what did you two say?"

                Xu Dongxue Huang Liang's face was embarrassed, the more he screamed just now, the more he felt like hitting his face now.

                "Why don't you say anything?"

                "Weren't you quite capable of jumping up and down just now?"

                "Xu Dongxue, didn't you just say you wanted to write your name backwards?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, she had also really put up with these two people for a long time.

                Now that she had seized the opportunity, she had to get a statement for Lin Mo no matter what!

                Xu Dongxue couldn't help but be annoyed and said with a strained neck, "What's wrong with him ...... saving people back?"

                "Didn't you see? Mum is covered in bruises, what a beating she got!"

                "If Lin Mo hadn't killed those two people from the Liu family, how could this have happened? How could mum have suffered like this?"

                "Xu Hanxia, are you still complacent? This matter is all caused by Lin Mo, you still have the face to speak for him ......"

                Not waiting for Xu Dongxue to finish, Xu Jiankong suddenly ran over and threw a slap at her face.

                "Shut up, you ungrateful daughter!"

                Xu Jiangong roared.

                Xu Dongxue was annoyed at being hit, and was also annoyed: "Dad, I ...... what's wrong with me?"

                "Why did you hit me?"

                "Am I not right? What happened tonight, wasn't it Lin Mo who made a scene."

                "My mother is also because of him ......."

                Xu Jiankong raised his hand again, and Xu Dongxue was so scared that she hid behind Huang Liang.

                Huang Liang also looked terrified, he was really afraid that Xu Jiangong's slap would hit his face, he also kept backing up, trying to let Xu Dongxue block for him.

                Xu Jian Gong glared at them both angrily and said angrily, "Both of you, you're no good!"

                "When such a big thing happened tonight, you two didn't even think about how to save your mother, instead you gloated from the beginning to the end, mocking Lin Mo constantly and only bad-mouthing others behind their backs, not being able to help at all."

                "Lin Mo was busy saving people outside, and even if you two didn't help at the back, you kept dragging your feet, do you two want your mother to really get into trouble?"

                "You two, are you still human after all!"

                Xu Dongxue was anxious: "Dad, where am I dragging my feet?"

                "I ...... told you to let Lin Mo go to the Liu family and let them do what they want, then my mother will be fine!"

                "He himself is afraid of death unwilling to go ......"

                Xu Jiangong was so annoyed that he grabbed the cup on the table and smashed it over.

                Xu Dongxue hurriedly avoided it, and the cup fell to the ground with a loud thud and shattered.

                Xu Dongxue shivered in fear, she could see that Xu Jiankong was really angry this time.

                Xu Jiangong pointed at Xu Dongxue, "You unfilial daughter!"

                "All you know is to talk such nonsense!"

                "I must beat you to death today ......"

                Xu Jiangong said, furiously going after Xu Dongxue.

                However, just as he stood up, his body swayed, his eyes went black and he slowly fell down.