Medical Genius Chapter 1027

 Nanba Tian couldn't help but be surprised, "You know where she is?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "To be precise, it's not knowing her location, it's knowing how to find her!"

                "Mr. Nan, our previous search was in the wrong direction."

                "You help me check, on Liu Tianyou's side, there are two henchmen, one called Zhou Bin and one called He Qiang, see what these two are doing!"

                Nanba Tian: "No problem, Xiao Ke, go and check the location of these two people."

                "Mr. Lin, you are thinking that the people were captured by Liu Tianyou?"

                Lin Mo nodded, "Most likely yes!"

                Nanba Tian was puzzled, "Why?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "I was on this side of the small hotel and mobilised the nearby surveillance."

                "The surveillance captured the image of my mother-in-law being taken away."

                Nanba Tian was surprised, "You saw Liu Tianyou's two men?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "That's not true, they were masked and couldn't see their faces."

                "But the time captured on the surveillance camera was fifty-three minutes past twelve!"

                Nanba Tian fell into silence, and after a long time, he said softly, "I understand!"

                Not long after that, Xiao Ke came over and reported the situation.

                Nanba Tian said, "Xiao Ke has found out the location of these two people based on the location of their mobile phones."

                "I'll send you the location, do you want me to send someone to help you?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "No, I'll be fine on my own!"

                "Thanks a lot Mr. Nan!"

                After hanging up the phone, Nanba Tian's message was quickly sent over.

                After looking at the location, it was inside a residential building not far from here.

                Looking at the time again, there were still fifteen minutes to go, and it would be an hour.

                Lin Mo didn't dare to delay and sent a message to Tiger first, then quickly rushed to this place.

                It took seven minutes for Lin Mo to arrive at this residential building.

                He took a look downstairs and quickly locked on to the house that Nanba Tian had mentioned.

                It was the one in the middle of the third floor.

                The curtains of this house were being drawn, but lights could be vaguely seen.

                Instead of taking the stairs, Lin Mo climbed the outside downpipe and climbed outside the window of this house.

                He took out a small porcelain vase from his body, opened it and pointed the mouth of the vase at the window.

                He quietly pulled the curtain open a crack, and into the mouth of the bottle, he gently blew a breath, a faint powder that drifted directly into the house.

                After a short while, Lin Mo heard two soft sounds coming from inside the house, as if someone had fallen.

                Lin Mo dropped down the water pipe again and took the stairs to the outside of the house.

                He reached out and knocked on the door, but there was not the slightest movement inside.

                He was in no hurry and stood at the door waiting quietly.

                Not long afterwards, a young man came running over, panting.

                When he saw Lin Mo, he hurriedly came over excitedly, "Mr. Lin, Master Tiger sent me here, what are your orders?"

                Lin Mo had sent a message to Tiger when he set off just now, asking him to send someone who knew how to pick locks over.

                This young man, I think, was the one Tiger had sent.

                Lin Mo pointed at the door, "Open this door."

                The young man took a look and immediately said, "No problem."

                He took out a wire from his body and shoved it into the lock hole. In less than ten seconds, he heard a click and the door was opened.

                Lin Mo gave the young man an astonished look, this was not a bad skill.

                The young man, on the other hand, looked embarrassed and smiled sarcastically; "Mr. Lin, I used to just sneak into the house and steal some small things."

                "These ...... these are all eating skills."

                Lin Mo suddenly realized, so this is a thief ah.

                Push open the door of the room to enter, the living room is empty, no one.

                And the doors of the two bedrooms inside, were closing.

                Lin Mo pushed open one of the bedroom doors and there was no one inside either.

                The other bedroom door, on the other hand, was unlocked.

                However, with the young man here, the lock was of little use, and he quickly opened the door to the room.

                When he entered the door, there were three people lying on the floor of this bedroom.

                One of them was none other than Lin Mo's mother-in-law, Fang Hui!

                Lin Mo couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, he had finally brought Fang Hui back.