Medical Genius Chapter 1026

Tiger's eyes glazed over as he listened to Wu Fei Fei's words from the side.

                "What the fuck, are you crazy, you woman?"

                Lin Mo frowned.

                This Fei Fei Wu was truly in a state of madness.

                She had deliberately let herself be found and deliberately provoked herself, she just wanted revenge.

                However, Lin Mo had also gotten a very important piece of information this time.

                That was, it was really hard to find Fang Hui!

                A caravan that was constantly moving in Guangyang City with an irregular location, how could one find it?

                Now it seemed that the only way would be to go and capture Liu Yanhui and force the Liu family to make an exchange.

                Just then, Wu Fei Fei suddenly said again, "Oh yes, brother-in-law, are you planning to capture Liu Yanhui and force him to hand over Fang Hui?"

                "I'm telling you, it's not possible!"

                "Liu Yanhui's father is dead, the position of the family head is gone, he is now more desperate than I am, more mad than I am!"

                "Tonight, he's already determined to die, he's going to make everyone in the Xu family, he's going to make you, along with your sister, buried with him!"

                "Even if you capture him, he will definitely not compromise!"

                "Lin Mo, the only way to save Fang Hui now is for you to go to Liu Yanhui and let him do with you, and he will be able to let Fang Hui go."

                "How about it, will you save your mother-in-law or not?"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                Lin Mo's face was greatly chilled, even this last solution didn't work, what could he do this time?

                After a moment of silence, Lin Mo abruptly hung up the phone, the first thing he did was to contact Nanba Tian.

                He wanted to use Nanba Tian's power to mobilise the surveillance near the hospital and look for Fang Hui.

                As soon as the call was connected, Nanba Tian's voice came through, "What do you want me to do?"

                "If necessary, I can just arrest everyone in the Liu family!"

                Nanba Tian was always Nanba Tian, still so domineering in his actions!

                Lin Mo sighed with emotion, but was also helpless.

                Liu Yanhui was crazy, even if he captured everyone from the Liu family, he wouldn't let them go.

                So, this solution still wouldn't work.

                He quickly gave Nanba Tian his thoughts.

                Nanba Tian pondered for a moment, "No problem!"

                "I can send someone to mobilise the city's surveillance and look for all the RVs that are on the move."

                "Within fifteen minutes, I'll give you an answer!"

                After hanging up the phone, Lin Mo's heart was also shocked beyond measure.

                To mobilize the city's surveillance and give him an answer in fifteen minutes, this statement seemed simple, but how many people had to act together behind it.

                It could be said that with this single word from Nanba Tian, at least ten thousand people had to start doing something.

                This is the first king of Guangyang!

                A call for action, showing the style of a king!

                Lin Mo sat in the car and pondered for a moment, he sent another message to Tiger, asking him to ask where exactly did Fei Fei Wu lure Fang Hui to at that time.

                It didn't take long for Tiger to send back a message.

                Wu Fei Fei did not resist at all and replied straight away, looking like she was confident that Lin Mo would not be able to find Fang Hui.

                She had lured Fang Hui to a small hotel near the hospital at that time, however, outside the small hotel, the Liu family's people had taken Fang Hui away straight away.

                Lin Mo quickly drove to this small hotel and rushed straight in.

                At this time, the attendants were all asleep, so Lin Mo ran straight into the counter and turned on the front desk monitor.

                The waitress woke up with a start: "What are you doing?"

                Lin Mo slapped her on the back of the head and the waitress passed out.

                Following the location provided by Fifi Wu, Lin Mo quickly found the footage of the video and called up the previous surveillance.

                It didn't take long for Lin Mo to finally seek out the footage of Fang Hui coming over, she had really been taken away in this vicinity.

                After staring at the footage for a while, Lin Mo's brow suddenly furrowed.

                Because, he suddenly realized that something was not quite right.

                The time on the screen was somewhat inconsistent with the time he had predicted.

                Just then, Nanba Tian also called, "Mr. Lin, excuse me."

                "We found all the RVs within Guangyang City, but, we didn't find Fang Hui."

                At this moment, Lin Mo smiled instead, "Mr. Nan, there is no need to look, I know where she is!"