Medical Genius Chapter 1022

 Inside the house, Xu Jiankong sat anxiously at the table.

                Xu Hanxia Xu Dongxue was also anxious, walking around beside him.

                Huang Liang was sitting at the table, looking as if he was anxious, but there was an indescribable gloating in his eyes.

                Lin Mo hurriedly ran over, "Hanxia, how is it?"

                As soon as she saw Lin Mo, Xu Dongxue seemed to have gone mad and pounced on him with a roar, "Lin Mo, I'll fight you!"

                "You've done this to my mother, you son of a bitch, you deserve to die!"

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly pulled Xu Dongxue back, "Xue'er, shut up!"

                "Can't you ask me what happened first?"

                Xu Dongxue: "What else do I need to ask here?"

                "Liu Tianzuo, the head of the Liu family, is dead, and so is his son Liu Lin, both killed by Lin Mo."

                "The Liu family is all mad now, they're going to fight us to the death, it's all because of Lin Mo!"

                "What else do you want him to say? How much longer do you want to shield him?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "How do you know that all these people were killed by Lin Mo?"

                "Lin Mo must have been wrongly accused ......"

                Xu Dongxue stormed, "Bullshit!"

                "The Liu family is a member of the Ten Great Families, and they have sent people to fight for their lives, so this is still false?"

                "Do you think that the Ten Great Families would wrongly accuse us?"

                Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "Hmph, didn't the Ten Great Families wrongly accuse us of what happened to Zhou Ze earlier?"

                Xu Dongxue was momentarily stumped for words.

                At this moment, Huang Liang said softly, "This time is different."

                "I got word that many people saw with their own eyes that it was Tiger's men who pushed Liu Lin down the stairs and fell to his death."

                "Liu Tianzuo, on the other hand, was seriously injured by Lin Mo and vomited a lot of blood. On the way to the hospital, he unfortunately died!"

                "These, all of them are solid evidence!"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Yo, Lin Mo, you've grown in ability!"

                "A strong young man, beating up an old man of several dozen years old, and beating him to death alive?"

                "No wonder the Liu family's people want to fight you to death!"

                "You don't deserve to live for what you've done!"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Huang Liang, Xue'er, you shut up!"

                "Don't scare people with these hearsay messages!"

                "I believe in Lin Mo, he definitely wouldn't do such a thing!"

                Huang Liang sneered, "Sister Halfsia, this isn't hearsay information from me."

                "I dare bet my life that all of this, is Lin Mo's doing!"

                Xu Hanxia: "You ......"

                Xu Jiangong angrily slapped the table, "Shut up all of you!"

                The crowd immediately looked at him.

                Xu Jiangong's face was gloomy as he stared deadly at Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, I'm asking you, what Huang Liang said, is it true?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice: "Dad, tonight, I did have some conflicts with the Liu family."

                Xu Hanxia's face changed slightly, while Huang Liang gave a cold laugh.

                Xu Jiangong: "So, Liu Lin was the one you sent someone to push downstairs."

                "And Liu Tianzuo, also ...... was also killed by you?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "How Liu Lin died, I don't know."

                "There was a chaotic scene, Liu Lin fell downstairs somehow."

                "As for Liu Tianzuo, I punched him, but not so much that I would have killed him!"

                "This matter, there must be another hidden agenda!"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Heh, there's another hidden reason? What's the hidden agenda?"

                "Lin Mo, you're a strong and powerful young man."

                "What about the Liu family head? He's a few dozen years old, and his physical condition is nothing compared to yours!"

                "If you punch him, you might just induce other diseases in him and cause him to die directly and suddenly!"

                Xu Hanxia nervously grabbed Lin Mo's arm: "No ...... it won't ......"

                "How could it be so coincidental?"

                Xu Jiangong's face was embarrassed to the extreme, he said indignantly, "Lin Mo ah Lin Mo, you ...... what is wrong with you you?"

                "During this period of time, you did things quite well, I still think you're a good kid."

                "But what do you think, why did you run off to fight with someone and make such a big deal out of it!"