Medical Genius Chapter 1021

 Lin Mo couldn't help but stare, "Get out?"


                Laohu: "Because ...... because your mother-in-law, she didn't know why she went out and was caught by the Liu family's people."

                "The people of the Liu family told General Xu and the girls to go out, otherwise, they ...... would have to kill your mother-in-law ......"

                Lin Mo's face changed: "How can this be?"

                "Isn't she ...... looking after my sister-in-law in the hospital?"

                "You didn't arrange for someone at the hospital?"

                Tiger: "Arranged, but I ...... I don't know what's going on."

                "No one from the Liu family went to the hospital, it was your mother-in-law who went out on her own."

                "We guarded the outside, we didn't even think that she ...... she would go out by herself ah ......"

                Lin Mo froze, what the hell was going on here?

                Fang Hui usually went to bed early and would not go out at all this late at night.

                And tonight she stayed at the hospital to take care of Fang Qian, so even less would she just run outside, so how could she suddenly go out?

                However, at this moment, he didn't have time to think about that much.

                Lin Mo casually stabbed seven silver needles on Night Mimi's body, and Night Mimi directly fell limp to the ground, with no strength left in her body at all.

                Night Mimic trembled: "You ...... what have you done to me ......"

                Lin Mo: "It's called the Seven Absolute Needles!"

                "Seven silver needles, blocking the seven places on your body where your qi and blood are most vigorous, so that you can't use half of your strength."

                "Just stay here, wait for me to return, and we'll continue playing this quiz game!"

                With those words, Lin Mo left straight away.

                Nightmist was behind him, shouting angrily, "Surnamed Lin, come back to me."

                "I won't let you go!"

                "You go against our Miaojiang, you will definitely end up miserable ......"

                Lin Mo simply ignored her, directly shutting the door to the room and walking straight away.

                Night Miao cursed for a while, and only stopped when she saw that there was no movement outside at all.

                The shocked anger on her face disappeared in an instant, and a cold smile wiped across the corners of her mouth.

                "Stupid, do you really think this kind of thing, can trap the old mother?"

                "Miaojiang people, who doesn't carry a few compulsions on them!"

                Night Mimi muttered a couple of words, her pocket moved slightly a few times, and a small furry fox jumped out from it.

                This little fox was only the size of a palm, covered in white fur, and its big eyes swirled around, looking extremely cute.

                Night Mimic let out a soft whistle, and the little fox immediately straightened its ears.

                It crawled onto Night Mimi's body, its little paws picking and pulling, its little teeth still gnashing, and after a lot of effort, it got a silver needle out.

                After this silver needle was removed, Night Mimi immediately felt a little more relaxed and slightly stronger.

                She reluctantly took out her hand and pulled out another silver needle, and this time, she regained some strength.

                Soon, she pulled off all seven silver needles and smiled triumphantly.

                "This little trick, you still want to trap Old Mother?"

                "Hehe, this Lin Mo, is nothing more than that!"

                "But, he can actually use Miaojiang compulsions as well, this is something that we must report to Master quickly!"

                She quietly ran over, lying by the door and listening for a while, making sure there was no more movement outside, before opening the door to her room and running into the night.

                However, she didn't notice.

                In a car downstairs, Lin Mo was quietly watching her.

                After seeing her go far away, Lin Mo smiled faintly and drove away as well.

                The first time he rushed to the Shengshi Mansion, he really saw a few groups of people fighting hard in a few small alleys next to the Shengshi Mansion.

                There was no doubt that it was Liu's family's people, and Tiger's people, fighting here.

                Lin Mo also ignored them and went straight back to the Shengshi Mansion.

                The villa lights were still on at home, so Lin Mo quickly ran home, and just as he entered the door, he heard Xu Dongxue's hissing voice from afar.

                "Sister, this time you admit it, this Lin Mo is a spoilsport!"

                "Even mother is about to be killed by him, and you still want to speak up for him?"