Medical Genius Chapter 1019

 Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised that this woman had discovered him?

                He took a step back silently, but as a result, the woman didn't notice him, but directly rushed out of the room.

                The woman stood in the courtyard and sniffed vigorously, as if she was looking for something.

                Lin Mo followed behind, and when he saw her movements, he couldn't help but frown.

                There was no doubt that the woman had sensed the smoke he had just released.

                This was something that must never be revealed!

                Lin Mo took out a silver needle and gently stabbed the woman at the back of her neck.

                The woman's body went limp and she directly fainted.

                Lin Mo picked her up on his body and took her out of the Liu family manor in the night.

                Of course, before leaving, Lin Mo also dissolved the bodies of the four dogs as well.

                It was nothing to lose the four dogs, but, if the bodies were found, then the Liu family would definitely know that someone had entered the Liu family.

                He left Liu's house and drove the woman to Sheng Shi Hua Ting.

                There were several of Tiger's houses here, and Lin Mo had the keys to these houses.

                He took the woman to one of the houses, and only then did he remove the silver needle from the back of the woman's neck.

                Mimi woke up with a sigh and saw the situation around her, her face changed in an instant.

                "What are you ...... are you?"

                Mimi asked in a deep voice.

                Lin Mo was wearing night clothes and his face was covered by a black cloth, so Charm couldn't see him clearly at all.

                "This is a question that should be asked of you by me!"

                Lin Mo said back in a deep voice.

                Charm stared at Lin Mo for a moment before suddenly smiling flirtatiously, "Me? I'm just a little woman!"

                "You made someone unconscious and brought them here, what do you want?"

                "I ...... I can't resist, but I'm not afraid of you oh ......"

                The voice that was spoken was crispy, and if an ordinary man heard it, he would certainly be titillated to boiling blood.

                The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.

                "This little trick, don't bring it out to show off!"

                Miao's face changed slightly, she thought she was born with superior conditions, even if she didn't use the charm compulsion, there were countless men who fell under her skirt.

                Moreover, she had cultivated the Charm Compulsion for so many years, and was still very confident in her own charm.

                Apart from those fellow teachers and brothers, and those strong men in Miaojiang.

                For other men, all she had to do was to give them a look and they would be controlled by her and work for her with all their hearts.

                However, this man in front of her had not even looked at her directly, what was the situation?

                Could it be that her own charm could not attract her?

                In fact, she did not know.

                Her charm compulsion was useless to Lin Mo, firstly, because Lin Mo had been on guard. Furthermore, it was because Lin Mo had seen too many beautiful women.

                This Charm, who looked similar to He Qianxue, was stunningly beautiful, but not quite at the peak.

                Compared to Xu Hanxia Song Zhilan and Barbara, that was still a bit of a gap.

                Even Nan Bing'er, Nan Baitian's daughter, who was still young now, was far more beautiful than her.

                Therefore, Lin Mo was basically considered immune to these beauties.

                After a moment of silence, Chim said in a deep voice, "Since you know about the Chimera Compulsion, you should know that I am from Miaojiang."

                "Do you know what will happen to you if you make an enemy of my Miao Frontier?"

                Lin Mo sneered and suddenly raised his hand, a silver needle broke through the air and pierced into Miao's left shoulder.

                Miao only felt her whole body tremble, an indescribable feeling that quickly took over her whole body. At this moment, her whole body could not even move.

                It was not an unpleasant feeling, but it was also unpleasant, very strange, and she just disliked it anyway.

                Within a few moments, Charm was drenched in fragrant sweat and she couldn't help but let out a low moan.

                Such a moan was enough to make countless men's blood swell with anger.

                However, Lin Mo acted as if he hadn't heard anything and just watched her quietly.

                Slowly, Mimi's moan grew heavier and heavier, and in the end, she simply let out a low roar, "What the hell do you ...... want ......"