Medical Genius Chapter 1018

 At two o'clock in the morning, Lin Mo drove to the vicinity of the Liu Family Manor.

                He hid his car in a small forest two miles away from the Liu family manor, then changed into his night clothes and ran towards the Liu family manor silently.

                At this moment, the commotion at the Liu family finally stopped.

                Liu Yanhui had taken Liu Tianzuo's cronies with him and gone out to arrest Xu Hanxia.

                The rest of the people, most of them, had also gone to sleep, and there was silence inside the Liu family.

                Of course, for a big family like the Liu family, there were people patrolling at night.

                Lin Mo came to the courtyard wall and looked up.

                The courtyard wall was almost a ten feet high, so it was not easy for ordinary people to climb over it.

                But to Lin Mo, it was as easy as pie.

                With a small run, he jumped up to a height of more than a metre. He then raised his hand and grabbed the top of the wall, and with a push, he climbed over the wall and landed on the lawn in the courtyard.

                The grass on the lawn was so thick that Lin Mo landed without making much noise.

                However, not long after he had landed, two black shadows pounced over.

                These were two strong dogs, specially bred by the Liu family to watch over their family and protect their home.

                This kind of martial dogs are professionally trained.

                Even if they find someone coming in, they will not make a sound, but sneak over to attack the person quietly.

                As the saying goes, a dog that bites does not bark is of this type.

                Once a dog of this type bites a person, it will bite them to death.

                A few years ago, when someone tried to steal something from the Liu family, he was bitten to death.

                The two dogs came extremely fast and directly pounced on Lin Mo to the ground.

                Lin Mo's reaction was also extremely quick, as he grabbed one of the dogs by the neck and held it in place.

                At that moment, the other dog went to bite his ankle.

                Lin Mo fell to the ground and kicked up violently, hitting this dog squarely in the jaw.

                The dog was kicked up and did not even have time to make a sound, and was directly killed by Lin Mo's kick.

                At the same time, Lin Mo held the head of the previous dog in his hands and twisted it with force, finishing this dog off as well.

                Before he could stand up, two more dogs came running next to him.

                Lin Mo almost cursed, this Liu family, they have a lot of dogs!

                However, this time he was prepared and didn't waste any time.

                Grabbing two silver needles in his right hand, he flung them out at the same time and stabbed them directly into the skulls of these two dogs.

                The two dogs fell to the ground at the same time, dying horribly on the spot.

                Lin Mo pulled out the silver needles, ignored the four dogs and quietly arrived in the middle of the manor.

                After looking around, Lin Mo took out the small jar from his body.

                When he opened the jar, a faint smoke drifted out of it and slowly dissipated into the air.

                After doing so, Lin Mo put away the jar.

                He didn't rush to leave, but arrived at one of the small buildings.

                According to the information Fang Wude had given him, this small building, was where Liu Tianyou lived.

                Lin Mo sneaked into the small building, and he was ready to inquire to see if he could get any information.

                However, just as he entered the living room, he heard the sound of a man huffing and puffing.

                He frowned and looked over carefully.

                On the sofa in the darkness, Liu Tianyou was naked, holding a pillow and doing obscene things over and over again.

                On the other side of the sofa, there was a flirtatious woman reclining, none other than the charm.

                Charm was holding a glass of red wine, slowly sipping it, her eyes with contempt and disdain, looking at Liu Tianyou mockingly.

                And in Liu Tianyou's eyes, the pillow he was hugging was the charm.

                Little did he know that he hadn't even been able to touch a single hair on Charm's head!

                After one look, Lin Mo understood what was going on.

                He gave Mimi a deep look and couldn't help but skim his lips.

                He was too lazy to bother with these matters and was just about to turn around and leave.

                It was at this moment that Charm's face suddenly changed.

                She directly placed the wine cup in her hand on the table and violently rushed towards Lin Mo.