Medical Genius Chapter 1017

 At one o'clock in the morning, the Liu family compound, was still brightly lit.

                Liu Tianzuo was suddenly killed, an event that brought the entire Liu family to a boil.

                In the middle of the night, even the old man of the Liu family was awakened.

                When he found out about this, the old man was furious and appointed Liu Tianyou to take over the position of the family head for the time being and do his best to avenge Liu Tianzuo's death.

                Liu Tianyou was now working on a plan, he had sent out several groups of people, all looking for Lin Mo everywhere, but in the end, they all came back to no avail.

                "Second Uncle, this Lin Mo, I don't know exactly where he's hiding, maybe Nanba Tian has hidden him away!"

                "To find him, I reckon it's not too easy!"

                "Why don't we just go and arrest his wife and family!"

                "This Lin, didn't he say he loved that wife of his the most?"

                "Bring Xu Hanxia here, I don't believe he won't give in!"

                A young man gritted his teeth and drank, he was Liu Tianzuo's son, Liu Yanhui.

                A brilliant aura flashed in Liu Tianyou's eyes, he was a very lustful man. He had heard that Xu Hanxia was the number one beauty in Guangyang City, and honestly, he really wanted to capture Xu Hanxia first.

                However, he still pretended to think about it for a while.

                "It's not quite right to do that, is it?"

                "After all, woe betide the family!"

                Liu Tianyou said back.

                Liu Yanhui became anxious: "Second Uncle, what misfortune is worse than family?"

                "Lin Mo killed my father, that's already killing family members, what rules are we still talking to him about?"

                "I don't care, I must avenge my father, I must get that bitch Xu Hanxia!"

                The others also yelled up, all with the same meaning, no matter what, they had to get Xu Hanxia.

                Liu Tianyou secretly laughed in his heart, but on the surface he looked embarrassed, "Hey, I can understand your feelings."

                "But, this matter ......"

                Without waiting for him to say anything, Liu Yanhui directly said angrily, "Second uncle, you don't say anything!"

                "I'll bring someone to go and get that Xu Hanxia back now, no matter what, this time, I must force Lin Mo to come out!"

                "As long as he doesn't come out, I'll take off Xu Hanxia's leg."

                "I'll see how long he can last!"

                After saying that, Liu Yanhui ran off in a rage.

                Behind him, a group of people rushed out after him; these, all of them, were Liu Tianzuo's cronies.

                Liu Tianyou pretended to look embarrassed, but in fact, his heart was all smiles.

                He knew that Lin Mo must have sent quite a few people to protect Xu Hanxia.

                If these people went to capture Xu Hanxia, they would inevitably have to fight hard against Lin Mo's people.

                These, all of them, were Liu Tianzuo's close friends who were not convinced by him.

                By letting these people die on Lin Mo's side, firstly, they could eliminate the dissidents. Secondly, the bigger this matter gets, the more the Ten Families can't sit back and do nothing!

                His real aim was to use the hands of the Ten Families to deal with Lin Mo.

                With a smug smile on his face, Liu Tianyou went back to his small building.

                Just as he entered the house, he caught a whiff of a ghostly fragrance.

                In the darkness, a small light suddenly lit up. In that dim light, he saw a woman with an excellent figure and appearance, none other than that Charm!

                Charm was lying on the sofa, her body still draped in a light veil, her two long legs, gently rubbing.

                Her eyes were charming, as if water could drip out of them, her red lips were lightly parted and her hair was like a waterfall.

                A smile and a knitted brows, as if there were a million flavours, making people unable to move their eyes.

                Liu Tianyou's eyes went straight.

                When he first saw Mimi, he hated to get his hands on her.

                Because Mimi was Wuer's disciple, he did not dare to mess with these Miao frontier people at all.

                However, every time they met, Mimi would throw her eyes at him, making him itch for a chance to get his hands on her.

                Unexpectedly, his dream had come true tonight, she had come to his bedroom?

                Liu Tianyou was also a veteran in love affairs, he immediately closed the door to his room, put on a full smile and walked over with a smile on his face.