Medical Genius Chapter 1016

 Looking at Lin Mo's confident look, Tiger's heart was a lot more at ease.

                "Brother Lin, your orders!"

                Lin Mo: "First, find Fang Wu De and tell him to find a way to get a man called Liu Tian Xiang out of the Liu family. Tell him that I will support him to become the head of the Liu family!"

                Tiger froze for a moment, "Liu Tianxiang?"

                "There's such a person in the Liu family?"

                Lin Mo nodded, "This Liu Tianxiang is considered Liu Tianzuo's cousin."

                "His grandfather, was the last family head of the Liu family."

                "His father, is the elder brother of the current Liu family's oldest master."

                "According to the rules of the eldest son's succession, originally, this position of family head should be inherited by Liu Tianxiang's line."

                "However, the current Liu family's oldest brother used some dishonourable means to abolish Liu Tianxiang's father, resulting in the decline of their lineage."

                "When it came to Liu Tianxiang's lineage, they were even more marginalised and basically had little say in the Liu family!"

                Lao Hu was stunned, "Since he doesn't have much say anymore, then why did you push him to be the head of the Liu family?"

                "Shouldn't we find someone with more appealing power?"

                Lin Mo smiled and shook his head, "A momentary hibernation doesn't mean he doesn't have strength."

                "I've checked the information on the Liu family, this Liu Tianxiang, although he keeps a low profile in the Liu family, is very capable of getting things done."

                "He has done a lot for the Liu family, but the credit has been taken away from him by others."

                "Even his eldest son, in an early family fight, had his spine broken and has been sitting in a wheelchair to this day."

                "And yet, he has never mentioned these things, only choosing to hold back."

                "It is clear enough that this man has bigger plans in mind."

                "He must have already prepared enough, he just lacks the strength."

                "As long as I support him and help him purge the family head line, he will be able to quickly take control of the Liu family."

                Speaking here, Lin Mo paused gently, "Moreover, the most crucial thing is that I can make him work for me with all his heart!"

                Lao Hu knew nothing of this, and he had a face of admiration, "Brother Lin, you are really a master of planning!"

                "The Liu family's files, after reading through them, you've actually figured out so many things?"

                "Hey, in terms of brains, I guess a hundred of me can't match you!"

                "Okay, no problem, I'll take care of this matter!"

                "What about the second thing?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "I want you to spread the word about what Liu Lin has done."

                "I want the entire city of Guangyang to know about Liu Lin's sins!"

                Lao Hu nodded his head in a hurry and hurriedly went out to do these things.

                As for Lin Mo, he didn't rest either, but went to Barbara's place.

                It was late at night, and Ah Man had long since gone to bed.

                When Lin Mo entered the room, a soft sound suddenly came from beside him.

                Lin Mo rolled up his sleeves and with a gentle shake, he swept a small red-coloured snake inside his sleeves.

                This was one of the several poisonous insects that Lin Mo had caught earlier and usually stayed with Barbara.

                These poisonous insects were very close to Barbara.

                The most crucial thing was that they actually protected Barbara spontaneously.

                Usually they were in hiding, only at night, when Barbara was resting, they would all stand guard around to protect Barbara.

                This slight rattle also woke up Barbara.

                However, when she saw Lin Mo, she was instantly surprised: "Brother Lin, why are you here?"

                Barbara was now wearing a thin nightgown, and the pustules on her body had almost all disappeared.

                Her skin, now, was simply like that of a newborn baby, white and glossy, making people envious.

                Moreover, after Barbara had cleaned up a bit, she looked extremely beautiful.

                Even Dean and Mrs Chen were overwhelmed with emotion.

                Who would have thought that the once spiteful patient, who wanted to be disgusted even by a glance, would have transformed into such a supreme beauty!

                Lin Mo smiled gently as he pulled out a small wooden jar from his body and said softly, "Ah Man, I would like to borrow something from you."