Medical Genius Chapter 1015

 After inspecting Liu Tianzuo's car, Lin Mo did not go into the hospital, but asked Wang Zhou to drive him to Wangjiang Garden immediately.

                At the same time, he also called Tiger and told him to send extra men to protect Xu Hanxia on one hand. On the other hand, he also sent people to protect Deng Jun and Xiao Wu and the others, so that no one would make a move towards them.

                After Tiger had taken care of everything, he quickly rushed to Wangjiang Garden.

                Just as he entered, Tiger said nervously, "Brother Lin, something has happened."

                "Liu Tianzuo is dead!"

                Lin Mo nodded his head, "I know!"

                Tiger glanced at Lin Mo and said in a low voice, "But the situation is not quite the same as you said."

                "You said before that after you injured Liu Tianzuo, someone would ambush and kill Liu Tianzuo halfway and frame you for the crime."

                "However, Liu Tianzuo did not encounter an ambush on the road, and after he walked out of the bar, he suddenly aggravated his injuries halfway."

                "He died before he could be taken to the hospital!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "This isn't much different from what I said."

                Tiger was bewildered, "This ...... is still no difference?"

                "Now ...... it is now widely rumoured outside that it was you who killed Liu Tianzuo."

                "Liu Tianzuo is the head of the Liu family, if this charge really falls on our heads, then ...... those ten families will definitely not let us off."

                "This time, even if the Heavenly Master himself steps in, I'm afraid things won't be easy to solve!"

                Lin Mo gave the tiger a look, "I said that Liu Tianzuo would be killed halfway and someone new would take Liu Tianzuo's place."

                "It's just that I misjudged the identity of this person behind the curtain."

                "I always thought that the person behind the curtain would be the Huo family, or simply someone from one of the top ten families in Guang Province."

                "But, I was wrong, the person behind the curtain, is not them at all!"

                Tiger froze for a moment, "Then ...... who is the person behind the curtain?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "This is something that you'd better not know, it won't do you any good."

                "Right, tell me, what is the current situation of the Liu family?"

                Tiger immediately said, "Liu Tianzuo's younger brother, Liu Tianyou, has temporarily taken over the position of family head."

                "He has personally stepped forward and joined forces with the Ten Great Families to hold a meeting of the Ten Great Families, clamouring for revenge for his brother."

                "Moreover, the ten great families have all taken a stand to have you give an account for this matter!"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "It seems that after Liu Tianzuo's death, the one who will benefit the most is Liu Tianyou!"

                Tiger hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, according to your meaning, this Liu Tianyou is the one who is really working with the person behind the curtain?"

                "The man behind the curtain used your hand to kill Liu Tianzuo and support Liu Tianyou to rise to the top."

                "And when he controls Liu Tianyou, he is in control of the Liu family, right?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head.

                Tiger couldn't help but worry: "Then ...... what now?"

                "Mr. Lin, Liu Tianzuo died in this way for no apparent reason, and I didn't have any evidence when I bribed that Liu Tianzuo's men before."

                "In that case, we ...... can't prove at all that Liu Tianzuo wasn't killed by us."

                "This black pot, wouldn't we have to take the blame then?"

                Earlier, Lin Mo had specifically asked Tiger to take a shot at bribing one of Liu Tianzuo's men.

                Lin Mo guessed that for tonight's incident, Liu Tianzuo would definitely have to die.

                Even if he didn't kill Liu Tianzuo, the person behind the curtain would still intercept and kill Liu Tianzuo halfway and frame him.

                He had bribed Liu Tianzuo's men because he wanted to use the same method he used to deal with the Huo family before, and then deal with this man behind the curtain.

                However, now that Liu Tianzuo had died so unintelligibly, Lin Mo's plan was directly shelved and he was in trouble himself.

                Lin Mo had a calm expression and said softly, "Although I guessed the identity of the other party wrongly, everything, however, is still under control."

                "Tiger, before dawn, you must do two things for me."