Medical Genius Chapter 1013

 Inside an isolated villa in the eastern suburbs of Guangyang City.

                A man with a tall figure and a look somewhat similar to Liu Tianzuo hung up the phone and hurriedly entered the villa.

                If anyone was here, they would be able to recognise at a glance that this man was none other than Liu Tianzuo's younger brother, Liu Tianyou.

                In the villa's lobby, there were five people sitting cross-legged in it.

                At the head of them was an old man with white hair. This old man was very thin, almost skin and bones, and looked as if he was a ghost.

                The other four people, three men and one woman, each had their own characteristics.

                The woman, in particular, was extremely charming, with her eyes darting around in a variety of ways.

                Moreover, she was dressed extremely thinly, with only a light veil covering some key parts of her body, which appeared to be hidden.

                This is what makes her so seductive.

                Her long, slender legs, snow-white skin and slender waist were as thin as if they could be held in one hand.

                Such a woman, placed in any place, would be enough to attract the attention of countless people.

                However, the three men opposite her turned a blind eye to her.

                After Liu Tianyou entered, he gave the woman a greedy glance before his gaze finally turned to the old man.

                "Elder Wuer, I have just received news that Liu Tianzuo has died!"

                Liu Tianyou could not hide the joy on his face as he said this.

                The old man, that is, Ur, slowly opened his eyes and glanced at Liu Tianyou.

                "How's the plan?"

                Liu Tianyou hurriedly said, "It's a bit different from what we thought."

                "Lin Mo didn't mention the matter of the decoration materials, it was only because of Liu Lin's attempt to kidnap his wife that there was a clash between the two sides."

                "However, everyone saw at the time that it was Lin Mo who injured Liu Tianzuo."

                "Later on the way back, Liu Tianzuo suffered an internal injury, his internal organs were injured, and on the way to the doctor, he unfortunately died a tragic death!"

                Wuer's eyebrows furrowed: "This Lin Mo, quite resourceful, ah, to not mention the matter of decoration materials?"

                Liu Tianyou sneered, "This man is indeed very cunning."

                "But, as cunning as he is, he has always escaped Senior Wuer's dribble!"

                "Although he didn't mention the matter of decoration materials, but, killing the family head of the Ten Great Families for no reason is also a felony!"

                "The Ten Great Families, like him, will be looking for him to settle the score!"

                Ur nodded slowly, "That's good."

                "He killed Sanzhuo, this debt will have to be settled with him!"

                "By the way, you also have to guard against Fang Wu De."

                "This person, he must have been turned by Lin Mo."

                Liu Tianyou nodded vigorously, and then whispered, "Senior Wuer, Liu Tianzuo was sent to the hospital, most likely an autopsy will be done, then the compulsion you put ......"

                Ur shook his head: "It's fine!"

                "I didn't put the compulsion on him, I just put the compulsions, in the car he was sitting in."

                "These parasites, invisible and invisible, don't normally attack people."

                "Only when they smell blood, they will enter the human body and attack the person's internal organs, making it look as if the person was killed alive!"

                "Moreover, after a person dies, these parasites will also leave the human body."

                "The autopsy, too, will not find any traces!"

                "When the time comes, they will only conclude that it was Lin Mo who killed Liu Tianzuo by mistake, and simply cannot think of any other reason!"

                Liu Tianyou instantly breathed a sigh of relief, "Elder Wuer, it is still you who have been well thought out."

                "Don't worry, when we settle Lin Mo and I ascend to the throne of the family head, I will definitely do my best to help you find the girl!"

                Ur nodded slowly, "Very well, go ahead!"

                Liu Tianyou hurriedly nodded and took a few steps back, his eyes wandering greedily over the woman's body a few more times.

                The woman, in turn, gave him a flirtatious look, as if in response, and winked at him.

                Liu Tianyou only felt a tremble in his heart, forcibly suppressing the excitement in his heart and fondly walking away.