Medical Genius Chapter 1012

 Letting Tiger stay here to deal with the scene, Lin Mo himself left first.

                Although Liu Lin was dead, the scene was so chaotic just now that it could be said that he had lost his footing and fallen.

                There was no surveillance at the scene, and the Liu family could not produce any evidence, so what else could they do?

                When Liu Lin had insulted the girl, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's mother, they had all been thrown down the stairs in this way.

                But in the end, there was no evidence, no witnesses, and nothing was done.

                This time, Liu Lin himself had ended up in this situation.

                I guess he never thought in his life that he would die here in such a way!

                Lin Mo walked out of the bar and immediately got into a car, which Tiger had arranged in advance.

                The person driving the car was none other than Wang Zhou, this guy, who was now the security chief of Xu Pharmaceutical, and at the same time, had also followed Tiger, and his strength and status, had both been greatly enhanced.

                This person, who was previously compelled by Huang Liang, could be considered honest now.

                He had always regarded Lin Mo Xu Hanxia, as his life-saving benefactor, and no longer had any half-heartedness.

                That was why the tiger had asked him to come and help out tonight.

                "Brother Lin, a few of my brothers are keeping an eye on it."

                "Shall we go after them now?"

                Wang Zhou whispered.

                Lin Mo nodded his head.

                Wang Zhou immediately started the vehicle and quickly drove out two streets when several black cars appeared in front of him.

                This convoy was exactly the same cars that Liu Tianzuo had used when he came over.

                Liu Tianzuo, sitting inside the Rolls-Royce in the middle.

                Lin Mo looked at the Rolls-Royce and said softly, "No need to follow too closely."

                Wang Zhou slowed down his car slightly, but still followed from afar.

                Lin Mo stared at the car in front of him, he knew that this matter tonight, was not over yet.

                He wanted to test his suspicions, if it was really someone who was after Liu Tianzuo, then Liu Tianzuo should not be able to return home alive.

                He wanted to see who would come to kill Liu Tianzuo!

                At this moment, inside the Rolls-Royce.

                Liu Tianzuo was so angry that his face turned blue, and he hissed frantically in the car, "Lin Mo! Lin Mo! I won't let you go!"

                "When we get back, immediately gather the ten clans, I want to hold an alliance meeting of the ten clans!"

                "I'll kill Lin Mo! I want his entire family to be buried with him!"

                The man next to him was just about to speak, but his face suddenly changed: "Family head, you ...... What's wrong with you?"

                Liu Tianzuo: "What's wrong?"

                Man: "Your nose is bleeding!"

                "Also, you ...... are spewing blood even when you speak ......"

                Liu Tianzuo only felt that something was wrong at this point, and quickly touched his nose and found a blood red.

                At the same time, there was a taste of blood in his mouth.

                With a tumble in his chest, he suddenly vomited out another mouthful of blood.

                And this time, this blood was interspersed with some blood clots.

                The few people next to him were stunned, "Family Head, you've suffered internal injuries!"

                "Quick, go to the hospital!"

                Several cars quickly turned around and headed straight for the hospital.

                In the car at the back, Lin Mo's eyebrows furrowed fiercely.

                "Follow them over!"

                Wang Zhou sped up his car and quickly followed him.

                And at this moment, Liu Tianzuo in the Rolls Royce, was still spitting blood, he had become moribund.

                "It's ...... Lin Mo, he used internal energy to shatter my five internal organs ......"

                "Kill him, kill him and avenge me ......"

                Liu Tianzuo left his last words and then simply didn't breathe.

                At this time, just arrived at the hospital, several people quickly carried Liu Tianzuo out of the car, straight upstairs, did not even have time to lock the car door.

                Behind them, Wang Zhou also drove over.

                "Brother Lin, this strength of yours, it's really nothing to say!"

                "This Liu Tianzuo, who is said to be quite capable of fighting, was beaten to the hospital by you in one go?"

                Wang Zhou had a face of admiration.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, was ironically blue as he quickly opened the car door and rushed inside Liu Tianzuo's Rolls Royce.

                After scanning the surroundings and looking at those blood clots in the car, Lin Mo's expression, quickly became grave.

                He suddenly realised that he had made a big mistake!