Medical Genius Chapter 1011

 As he spoke, Lin Mo suddenly picked up a machete from the ground and made a move to slash at Liu Lin's legs.

                Liu Tianzuo's face changed and he immediately stepped in to block it, while shouting, "Get the young master down!"

                A group of men rushed up and surrounded Lin Mo alone.

                Lin Mo was not the least bit afraid, fighting these dozens of people alone with a fierce aura.

                Liu Tianzuo took advantage of the chaos and pulled Liu Lin, rushing out from the crowd and running straight for the door.

                At that moment, a group of people also rushed in outside the door, led by none other than Tiger.

                "Brother Lin, we're here to help you!"

                "Damn it, cut down these bastards for me!"

                Tiger roared, and the men behind him howled and rushed in, fighting together with the Liu family.

                Liu Tianzuo was strong himself and quickly knocked two of the hans to the ground.

                However, at that moment Lin Mo had already freed his hand and quickly chased after them.

                Seeing that the situation was not right, Liu Tianzuo directly pushed Liu Lin forward and shouted, "Run!"

                Liu Lin hastily ran outside, while on his side, Liu Tianzuo turned around and desperately tried to stop Lin Mo.

                Liu Tianzuo had trained in martial arts since he was a child, and his skills were not bad.

                However, against Lin Mo, his strength was really not enough.

                Lin Mo had received the inheritance of the jade pendant, and his ancestor was not only an amazing doctor, but also an extremely powerful martial artist, the strongest of his time.

                Although Lin Mo's Creation Skill had only reached the second level, the Creation Skill was only an accumulation of internal strength. The ancestor's martial skills and combat experience, on the other hand, were all passed on to him through the jade pendant.

                Liu Tianzuo's martial skills were like those of a child in front of Lin Mo.

                After they had fought for a short time, Lin Mo struck Liu Tianzuo with a Wing Chun Inch Fist, hitting him squarely in the chest.

                Liu Tianzuo took a few steps back, vomiting out a few mouthfuls of blood, and could barely stand.

                At that moment, there was a loud bang from the window.

                Liu Tianzuo turned his head and saw that the window had suddenly shattered and his son, Liu Lin, staggered back a few steps and fell out of the window.

                Liu Tianzuo's face changed dramatically and he shouted urgently, "Lin'er!"

                He hurriedly ran over, but by now it was too late. Liu Lin fell from this top floor and landed in the hall on the ground floor.

                There were several lamp stands inside the hall, and Liu Lin landed on them, which pierced through his body.

                This evil young master had finally ended his sinful life!

                Liu Tianzuo hurriedly ran downstairs and was so angry that he shivered when he saw Liu Lin, who was no longer breathing.

                He rushed towards the two men who had just pushed Liu Lin out and roared, "I'll kill you all!"

                Lin Mo rushed straight over and kicked Liu Tianzuo back.

                Liu Tianzuo was furious: "Lin Mo, you dare to stop me?"

                "My Liu family has lost a man, in this matter, you must give me an explanation!"

                "Either you hand these people over to me, or, my Liu family will not rest with you until death!"

                Lin Mo snorted, "Immortal?"

                "Fine, I'll wait for you!"

                "Liu Tianzuo, you listen to me clearly!"

                "Your son deserved to end up like this, that's what he deserved."

                "These are my brothers, you want to deal with them? Unless I die!"

                With one sentence, Tiger and the crowd around him were thrilled, this was the style of a big brother.

                Liu Tianzuo's face was fierce, "Surnamed Lin, you wait for me! You wait for me!"

                With a furious roar, Liu Tianzuo led his group and ran off in a huff.

                Lin Mo watched them walk away and immediately walked over to Tiger: "Take two million dollars and let those two brothers go out to hide for a while."

                "Take care of their family members, no mistakes allowed!"

                "Also, starting tonight, everyone move to prevent the Liu family's backlash!"

                Tiger was extremely experienced in such matters and immediately nodded, "Brother Lin, don't worry, leave it to me!"

                As for the two men who had just pushed Liu Lin down the stairs, they were full of excitement.

                One million for each of them!

                Lin Mo, this is really a big deal!