Medical Genius Chapter 1010

 Liu Lin, with a resigned face, stood stubbornly where he was, and just wouldn't go down on his knees.

                Liu Tianzuo was furious and kicked him in the leg, "Kneel down!"

                Liu Lin stumbled, but managed to stand firm and said angrily, "I won't kneel!"

                "Who am I to kneel to him?"

                "I just sent someone over there, but it's not like I did any harm to them?"

                "But what about me? I've had my fingers cut off and I've been beaten like this by him!"

                "Even if it's kneeling, he should be the one to kneel down and apologise to me, why should I be the one to kneel down and apologise to him?"

                "Dad, you're afraid of Nanba Tian, I'm not!"

                Liu Tianzuo was almost mad with anger, he was now regretting it.

                It was because of his doting on this son that had led to his current character like this.

                At this moment, however, Lin Mo suddenly laughed: "Young man, you really have guts!"

                "Liu Lin, I kinda admire you!"

                These words made Liu Lin somewhat smug.

                Liu Tianzuo, on the other hand, his face changed, he knew that Lin Mo was not that nice to talk to.

                Previously, because of Xu Hanxia's matter, Zhou Ze had died, Huo Tiancheng had died, and even Huo Xingxuan had died.

                This time, his son even dared to mess with Xu Hanxia, would Lin Mo be willing to give up in peace?

                "Mr. Lin ......"

                Liu Tianzuo wanted to speak, but Lin Mo directly interrupted him, "I admire people with backbone!"

                "But, you must stick to the end oh!"

                "Liu Tianzuo, your son is not willing to kneel and kowtow, what do you say?"

                Liu Tianzuo looked embarrassed and said in a deep voice, "Mr. Lin, if he doesn't kneel down, I'll break both of his legs and make him apologize to you personally!"

                Liu Lin's face changed, he originally thought that if he was tougher, his father would help him.

                Unexpectedly, how could this be the result ah?

                However, Lin Mo waved his hand, "Master of the Liu family, why bother?"

                "Since he doesn't want to apologise, then don't apologise!"

                "How about this, you remove all of his two legs for me, and this matter will be written off!"


                Liu Lin's face changed.

                Breaking two legs, and removing two legs, those were two concepts.

                If they were broken, they were only fractured and could still recover.

                Removing them, that was an amputation, and that was the end of this life!

                Lin Mo, too ruthless!

                "What the ...... fuck are you talking about?"

                "Why don't you remove your own two legs, you really think our Liu family is easy to bully ......"

                Liu Lin roared angrily.

                Lin Mo's gaze turned cold as he suddenly took a step forward and raised his foot to kick Liu Lin.

                Liu Tianzuo's face changed rapidly and he rushed over, trying to stop Lin Mo.

                However, Lin Mo had already guarded against him and directly blocked him with a punch. The kick, on the other hand, landed squarely on Liu Lin's mouth.

                Liu Lin flew backwards, bleeding from his mouth, and almost half of his teeth were kicked out.

                When Liu Tianzuo saw his son's miserable state, he became furious: "Lin Mo, don't go too far!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "Excessive?"

                "Liu Tianzuo, listen to me clearly!"

                "It wasn't easy for my mother to bring me up all by herself. She died early, but I will never allow anyone to insult her!"

                Liu Tianzuo's face was cold and he glared at Liu Lin angrily.

                This son of his own was really spoiled, he dared to say anything ah.

                "Come here, kneel down for me!"

                Liu Tianzuo roared.

                Liu Lin no longer dared to be reckless this time, and hastily ran over and tried to kneel down.

                However, Lin Mo directly grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up.

                "I said, kneeling down is not necessary!"

                "Liu Tianzuo, these two legs, will you remove them, or will I?"

                Liu Tianzuo's face turned gloomy to the extreme as he gritted his teeth and said, "Lin Mo, don't bully people too much!"

                "I made him kneel and kowtow to you, and you're still not satisfied?"

                "Do you really think that my Liu family is easy to bully?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "I don't know if the Liu family is a good bully or not!"

                "But I want to remove both of his legs, can you stop me?"