Medical Genius Chapter 1009

 Liu Lin froze.

                Although he was Liu Tianzuo's illegitimate son, his mother, in fact, was Liu Tianzuo's first love.

                Moreover, his mother, at the beginning, had fought for Liu Tianzuo's life when he was on top.

                Therefore, Liu Tianzuo was much kinder to this illegitimate son than his other sons.

                Because he felt indebted to him, for so many years, Liu Lin had done so many bad things, Liu Tianzuo not only did not blame him, but also constantly helped him to make amends.

                It could be said that Liu Tianzuo had never said a serious word to him, let alone slapped him directly.

                Liu Lin covered his face and was furious: "Dad, you ...... Why did you hit me?"

                "This son of a bitch hurt me, you don't help me take revenge, and you hit me?"

                "You ...... are you doing right by my mother?"

                Hearing this, Liu Tianzuo could not help but think of his first love, and his eyes suddenly turned red.

                He took a deep breath and said through clenched teeth, "Listen to me clearly, to Mr. Lin, speak politely!"

                Liu Lin said angrily, "Who am I to be polite to him?"

                "He just knows that South Street tiger, what's the big deal?"

                "Our Liu family is one of the top ten families, would we still be afraid of that South Street tiger?"

                Liu Tianzuo couldn't help himself and threw a slap at his face again, angrily scolding, "What do you know!"

                "Mr. Lin, with Nanba Tian and Huang Yongfeng, are both good friends!"

                "If you dare to touch him, then you are going against Nanba Tian and Huang Yongfeng!"

                Liu Lin was completely confused, he never dreamed that Lin Mo would have such a background.

                Huang Yongfeng was fine, although his strength was great, the ten clans didn't fear him.

                But Nanba Tian was different, that was an existence that could crush the Ten Great Families.

                If he provoked Nanba Tian's friends, the Liu family wouldn't be able to protect him!

                At this moment, Liu Lin was finally scared and trembled in fear.

                As for Lin Lin and Chen Hao, who were next to him, their eyes were staring out.

                Especially Lin Lin, who looked at Lin Mo incredulously.

                As far as she was concerned, the Xu family was a nest of poor relatives, and any one of the friends she knew could trample the Xu family underfoot!

                But what was this now?

                This cousin's husband, himself, was actually good friends with both Nanba Tian and Huang Yongfeng?

                These two people were the most famous figures in Guangyang City, and their reputation was far above that of the Ten Families.

                Nanba Tian, in particular, was known as the number one king of Guangyang.

                When Chen Hao and the others talked about Nanba Tian, it was as if they were talking about a god in the sky. The respect and admiration in their tone was like worshipping a god!

                And such a god-like First King of Guangyang was actually Lin Mo's friend?

                What kind of heaven defying figure was this cousin's husband?

                Lin Lin's heart suddenly became excited.

                She herself had gone to great lengths to make friends with some high society figures.

                Only now did she realise that the relatives around her were the real high society figures.

                If she could seize such an opportunity, wouldn't she be able to rise to the top in one step?

                However, thinking about what she had just done, she was also a little worried in her heart.

                Would Lin Mo, still recognise herself as a relative?

                Liu Lin panicked, "Dad, I ...... didn't harass his wife at the hospital, that was Chen Hao's doing."

                Liu Tianzuo angrily glared at Chen Hao, who sat down in fear and pissed his trousers.

                "Mr. Lin, there is a misunderstanding in this matter, right?"

                "This Chen Hao, he doesn't know my son well, how can you settle the score with my son for what he did?"

                Lin Mo frowned, "Liu Tianzuo, don't play dumb for me!"

                "Your son just said he wasn't at the hospital, but he didn't say he didn't do the kidnapping."

                Liu Tianzuo looked at Liu Lin, and this time, Liu Lin lowered his head and dared not speak, which was tantamount to acquiescence.

                Liu Tianzuo almost vomited blood with anger, he raised his hand, cracked and slapped Liu Lin several more times, roaring, "You unfilial son, you ...... how could you do such a thing?"

                "Go, kneel down and kowtow to Mr. Lin and apologize!"

                "If Mr. Lin doesn't forgive you today, I'll beat you to death!"