Medical Genius Chapter 1008

 Liu Tianzuo frowned slightly as his gaze quickly swept over the crowd.

                Liu Lin immediately said, "Dad, that's what he forced us to write, none of it is true."

                Liu Tianzuo immediately laughed, "Mr. Lin, if you want to add to the crime, you can't do anything about it!"

                "You're so capable of fighting and forcing them to write, so would they dare not write?"

                Lin Mo also laughed: "Liu Tianzuo, you know in your own heart what your son has done."

                "If I really wanted to investigate, do you think I wouldn't be able to find out something?"

                Liu Tianzuo's face suddenly changed.

                Over the years, Liu Lin had indeed done a lot of things that were harmful to heaven and earth.

                It wasn't that the Ten Great Families couldn't find evidence, but rather the Ten Great Families had just turned a blind eye to it.

                If Lin Mo really wanted to shake these things out, when the time came, the Ten Families would not be able to help them even if they were concerned about losing face.

                After a moment of silence, Liu Tianzuo said in a deep voice, "Lin Mo, we have no grudges and no enemies, why are you targeting me?"

                Lin Mo smiled coldly, he knew that Liu Tianzuo was deliberately pretending to be confused, trying to get himself to reveal the matter of the decoration materials.

                If Lin Mo revealed this matter, then he would have broken the rules of the Ten Great Families.

                Each of the ten great families had their own industries.

                Even Nanba Tian would not interfere with these industries, this was the unspoken rule between Nanba Tian and the Ten Great Families.

                If outsiders were to interfere with the industries of the Ten Great Families, they would be breaking the rules of the Ten Great Families and would be moving the interests of the Ten Great Families.

                Then, the ten families would definitely have to unite together to deal with this person!

                This was the reason for the trouble with the decoration materials.

                The Liu family was in control of the industry, so Lin Mo either had to buy the materials from the Liu family at a high price, or go out of town to purchase them.

                The Liu family would then say that Lin Mo was trying to get involved in their industry, and they would join forces with the ten families to deal with Lin Mo.

                The Ten Families would not allow their monopoly industry to be broken by others.

                Similarly, if Lin Mo forced the Liu family to lower their prices, the Liu family would also say that Lin Mo was in control of their industry.

                In this way, Lin Mo would be in an awkward position of having to buy materials from the Liu family at a high price.

                Now, Lin Mo took out these incriminating evidence from Liu Lin, if he forced the Liu family to lower their prices.

                Liu Tianzuo, then, would be able to join forces with the Ten Families and say that Lin Mo was using this as blackmail and wanted to get involved in the industries of the Ten Families, thus causing the Ten Families to unite together against Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo smiled coldly: "No grudges and no hatred?"

                "Liu Tianzuo, since there is no grudge or hatred, then why did your son, send someone to the hospital to harass my wife?"

                "Once he failed, he sent people to ambush us again, trying to kidnap my wife with the intention of insulting her?"

                Liu Tianzuo's face changed, he did not expect such a reply from Lin Mo, and even more so, he did not expect such a thing to happen.

                If Lin Mo insisted on using those crimes of his son against him, he was not afraid, after all, this matter had nothing to do with Lin Mo, he could say that Lin Mo just wanted to find an excuse to deal with the Ten Families.

                However, now that his son wanted to kidnap Xu Hanxia, then things would be troublesome, this already belonged to a personal grudge between the Liu family and Lin Mo, and the Ten Families could not help them.

                His brows furrowed and he glared at Liu Lin indignantly.

                This time, they had planned this renovation material matter a long time ago, to put Lin Mo in a dilemma.

                Unexpectedly, this son of his had managed to pull something like this out of it, which in turn had put him in an awkward position.

                "Lin'er, is this true?" Liu Tianzuo asked in a deep voice.

                Liu Lin froze for a moment, he really couldn't understand why his own father, would be so polite to Lin Mo?

                "Dad, what's the point of talking about this?"

                "I can look at his wife, that's an honour for them, what's wrong with that?"

                "But, he injured me, this matter ......"

                Liu Tianzuo was annoyed and direct, went up and threw a slap at Liu Lin's face, "Shut up!"